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Strip Search

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"Parks, what the FUCK!"

"Hey, don't blame me Corrigan! S Section said there wouldn't be anyone in the building on a Sunday. Sleeping Beauty here went for the phone as soon as she saw me, so I had to put her down with my dart gun."

"That much I worked out for myself. But why the hell-"

"Yeah, well, we're supposed to be loaded up with tranq, but I could tell she wasn't breathing straight away. Took an adrenalin injection and a lot of CPR to get her restarted. Either she had a bad reaction to the sleepy-shot, or those fuckers in ordinance gave us the wrong damn darts."

"Ok, that explains the shirt I guess, but what about-"

"I'm searching her. We're here for a new computer chip aren't we? It could just as easily be on her as anywhere else. Now fuck off and let me get on with my job, Corrigan"


"Hey, there's no law against loving my work!"
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