"Susie Yoshida: Nikki Green’s revenge on Beatrix Kiddo "

"Susie Yoshida: Nikki Green’s revenge on Beatrix Kiddo "

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Susie Yoshida: Nikki Green’s revenge on Beatrix Kiddo

(collaboration between RJLCyberPunk and Charlie6)


Nikki Green’s life has been fraught with suffering, pain and despair ever since she saw her mother killed 12 years ago but now she is to meet someone that could truly and finally turn the tables around for her…

Chapter 1: The Meeting
September 23, 2016
NYC, the Bronx, 11PM

Nikki Green was prowling the streets looking for someone to mug. She had been at odds with the law for nearly as long as she could remember and she also remembered well when it all started to go downhill for her! 12 years ago just as she had returned from school she witnessed her own mother being murdered in front of her by an assassin she only knew as the “Black mamba” she remembered clearly to this day what that female assassin told her.

“I’m really sorry you had to watch that! But your mother deserved it!” The [email protected]#$ said as she wiped the blood from the dagger she had used to kill her mom then as she left she said this last few words “I’ll tell you what if after you grow it still stings you can come after me, I’ll be waiting!” with that the woman that ruined her life disappeared without a trace. She still remembered sitting by her dead mom waiting for her dad to arrive. She remembered well how it all went from bad to worse as her dad began drinking heavily and latter on one evening he died of massive coronary just when she was 8 years old from then on she had been from foster home to foster home.

Needless to say all this events turned her despondent and aggressive, she bullied other kids at school and latter on made a small school gang as she entered high school, she almost killed another girl and was thrown out of school and from that moment on she had been a fugitive. She escaped from the detention room thru a window she broke just before the cops arrived to take her to Juvie! That was 2 years ago now. From that point on she had been living in the streets mugging and stealing for her very survival to this day. As she scoped the street looking for potential mugging victims out of a small backstreet alley a women seemingly blind as she wore thick black blind eyeglasses and wearing a scarf over her head grabbed her wrist “Would you help a poor blind women dear?” the woman asked.

“Get lost you old hag!” Nikki replied back irritated but as she did all of a sudden the women somehow pulled her into the alley with a strength Nikki certainly did not expect to be there. She tumbled to the pavement in the alley as the women removed her scarf to reveal a course long blondish hair.

A cruel smile drew on the mysterious woman’s lips as she spoke “It’s not nice to treat the blind like that you dirty street rat! But then again what else can be expected from the offspring of the once great Vernita Green you turned out more pathetic than your mother could have ever been!”

Nikki now feeling a mix of surprise and anger shouted back “Who the [email protected]#$ are you and what do you know of my mom?” for answer she received a kick in the ribs that sent her once again gasping to the pavement.

As Nikki gasped for air the mysterious woman grabbed her hair, “If you must know I was once her teammate when she was still worth something. But then she decided to leave and start a family.”

“You are not the one who killed my mom, why are you doing this?” Nikki asked.

The mysterious women who smiled ruefully “Because you are a sad pathetic excuse of a human being that doesn’t have a right to exist anymore than her late sad excuse of a mommy!” as the woman known as Elle Driver spoke those words she drew a small caliber gun but as she was about to aim it point blank range at Nikki’s skull a small ninja star flew seemingly from nowhere striking true one of Elle’s fingers as that happened she involuntarily dropped the gun.

As she grabbed her bleeding finger a voice emerged from the shadows in the alley “You have always been nothing more than a cowardly [email protected]#$ haven’t you Elle?”

“I know that voice, well Yoshida it has been a long time!” Elle Driver replied back with a palpable mixture of both fear and anger in her voice.

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Re: Susie Yoshida: Nikki Green’s revenge on Beatrix Kiddo

“It has Driver, and I see you have resorted in harming the weak. My, your skills have deteriorated with time have they?” Susie Yoshida asked as she stepped out of the shadows.

Nikki looked at the attractive Asian woman clad in sexy tight fitting black business attire. Her silky black hair tied back into a bun with two silver chopsticks holding it together. There was a mysterious element to her but also at the same time there was a dark aura that projected uncertain evil. It was the first time that Nikki felt a type of uncertain fear that she had not felt in a long time.

“Deteriorated!?” Ellie exclaimed. “How dare you, you [email protected]#$, you shouldn’t be the one talking, you’re picking on a blind woman!” she added as she lunges at Susie with an accurate right hook. Even though blind, Ellie’s other senses had evolved greatly to compensate. She could sense her surroundings and knew where the other two people were in the alley.

Susie had all of her senses however and was prepared for the punch. She stepped into Ellie’s punch and moved it away with her left arm and sent her right elbow into Ellie’s face knocking the dark glasses from her face. Ellie counter was a spinning back elbow striking Susie in face spinning her to the ground. Susie quickly regains herself as Ellie charges knocking Susie back to the ground. The blonde straddles the smaller Asian woman at the hips. Susie defends herself as Ellie rains down punches, she moves side to side, her movement is restricted being between the blonde’s legs and many punches hit their mark. Having enough of the punishment Susie thrust up her hips up forcefully, sending Ellie off balance, she struggles to regain balance and keep her advantage. Susie thrusts her hips up some more, more forcefully each time creating space between her body and Ellie each time. Finally there was enough space and Ellie’s hold over Susie had loosened up enough for her to start pulling her legs free.

With one of her legs free Susie now had more leverage to get out from under Ellie. With her free leg Susie Heeled her blonde opponent hard in the chest knocking her off. Ellie fell hard on her ass and was about to spring back up but Susie had gotten up before she did and moved in quickly with a hard knee to the face. Dazed by the knee Ellie manages to stubble back up to her feet and throws combos of punches and kicks as Susie backs up and dodges and blocks the blind woman’s hits.

Susie replies back charging and throwing strong elbows and knees, Ellie amazingly manages to block the many hits and counter. Miscalculating a heavy right hook, Susie spins hard left almost falling over. Susie recovers quickly with a salty taste in her mouth. Bringing the back of her gloved hand to the corner of her lips she wipes the blood away and looks at her blonde opponent with anger.

“Is that blood I smell?” Ellie asked sniffing the air. “Looks like somebody’s skills have deteriorated. “Come you [email protected]#$ is that the best that you got? I’m BLIND for Christ’s sake!” Ellie yelled at her opponent crouching into her fighting stance.

“You [email protected]#$…you made me bleed my own blood.” Susie said with a sly smile settling into her fighting stance.

“Funny…I shall enjoy killing you as much as I did Pei Mei so long ago!” Ellie shouted as she screamed out and charged forward launching her attack at the ninja.


The two assassins came into contact throwing elbows, knees, punches and kicks at each other, both deadly women successfully blocking one another’s moves and not giving the upper hand to the other. As the battle continues Nikki eyes the fallen hand gun and slowly makes her way to it crawling on her hands and knees. She knew there was no way she could stand toe-toe with either of these women.

Growing more and more frustrated as the battle wore on longer than expected Susie brought up her knee and slammed into the outside of Ellie’s thigh heard in a Muay Thai style knee strike. Ellie cried out in pain dropping to one knee, Susie swung the edge of her elbow down connecting with the blind assassin’s temple dropping her to her hands. Susie prepared for the final blow bringing her knee back for a knee strike to the head.

Ellie feeling the battle not going into her favor reached back for a small throwing knife tucked back at the small her back. As she pulled it from it sheath a loud BANG echoed through the ally. The assassin known at California Mountain Snake dropped dead on her face limply, her arms flopping to her sides like limp noodles and her blond hair falls over the pavement covering her face. Ellie Driver was dead.

Nikki looked down at the dead blonde, her eyes filled with anger. She held the smoking hand gun in her young hand. It was the first time she had ever killed anyone and strangely enough it felt kind of good. Nikki quickly looked up at the Asian woman and brought back up the gun to eye level.

Susie looked down at the dead blonde and then back at the young dark skinned homeless girl who now held her at gun point. “Easy now girl,” Susie said soothingly rising her gloved hands up showing that she did not want to harm the girl.

“Who the hell are you?” Nikki asked keeping the gun on Susie.

“Susie Yoshida. I don’t want to hurt you. Please lower the gun.” Susie replied calmly looking into the girl’s eyes. She could see this girl had a rough life and felt a sort of pity for her.

“No...” Nikki replied unknowing what do next. There was a part of her that wanted to lower the gun but there was another part that told her other wise and that part had helped her survive through the years.

“Just lower the gun sweetie so we could talk like civilized individuals. I know you don’t want to end up like our blonde friend here.” Susie said gesturing down at the limp form of the former Deadly Viper assassin.

Nikki quickly looks down at the dead body, an image of her mom’s corpse flashed back into her head and she quickly shakes the thought away as tears filled her eyes. She regains herself and looks at the Susie and tightens her grip on the handgun. Unknown to Nikki, Susie is short one chopstick holding her silky black hair together.


“What’s your name sweetie?” Susie asks calmly with a slight smile to ease the situation.

“Nikki.” Nikki replied with a hint of nervousness and fear in her voice.

“Come on Nikki just lower the gun. You look like a sweet girl. I don’t want to hurt you but if you force me to I will kill you.” Susie said calmly with no emotions.

“Kill me? Are you [email protected]#$ me? I have the gun on you, you [email protected]#$!” Nikki replied trying to sound tough and hiding her real emotions. She was scared shitless now and totally unsure of what to do.

With one quick motion Susie throws the silver chop stick into the barrel of the gun, the chopstick wedging itself snuggly into the barrel rendering the weapon useless. Susie relaxes and lowers her arms taking a deep breath knowing now that the situation was back in her control.

“What the hell!” Nikki replied in shock looking at the chopstick sticking out the gun. She quickly tries to pull it out but it is stuck. “How the hell did you do that?” she asked angrily rising the handgun back up and aiming at as Susie.

“I wouldn’t do that sweetie. If you pull that trigger that weapon will explode in your pretty little face. I’ll tell you that would ruin your day…it wouldn’t mine I would actually find the situation quite humorous. Then again it’ll leave me with disposing two lovely bodies instead of one which would make my life a bit harder. Of course I wouldn’t mind that either. So you could say it’s a win-win situation for me. It’s just up to you to decide what to do.”

Nikki watched as Susie leaned back against the wall and pulled a cigarette from her pocket and lit it up and began smoking it. “Are you going to kill me?” Nikki asked sans the tough girl voice.

“That’s completely you to you sweetie. Your life is in your hands. What you decide right now will determine what will happen to you in the next few minutes.” Susie replied leaning against the wall taking a drag from her cigarette.

Looking down at the Ellie’s dead body and then back up at Susie smoking and leaning against the wall and not even paying attention to her, Nikki thought what she was going to do, she had a feeling this woman wasn’t bluffing about the gun.

“Let me help you,” Susie said dropping her cigarette to the ally floor next to Ellie’s head and smothering it with her foot. “You have two choices…you could pull the trigger and end up on the ground with Ms. Driver here or you could put the gun down and help me get rid of this lovely body and in return I’ll help you out with anything you want. I can assure you that I am a very, very resourceful person.”

“Help me? Now why on Earth would you want to do that? You don’t even know me!” Nikki asked bewildered but not quite yet dropping the gun.

“Oh but I do know you Nikki Green, daughter of the once great assassin Vernita Green you are the main reason I came to New York in the first place, well that and to try to get to you before that dead [email protected]#$ down there got to you.” Susie replied back with a slight smile in her lips.

“I got news for you she did get to me first!” Nikki said as she finally lowered the gun to grab her bruised ribs grunting a bit as she did.

“Actually I was here the whole time dear, I was going to stop her the moment she tried to kill you which I did” Susie told Nikki who was in shock at such an assertion

“Are you telling me that you were here watching as that [email protected]#$ from hell dragged me into this alley and kicked the stuffing out of me?” she shouted as she tried to lift the gun again but well before that in a lightning quick move Susie disarmed Nikki and now the gun was in her hands instead.

“Well kid, are we done playing games? As I said I do not want to hurt you or kill you, if I did as you can see you would have never seen it coming!” Susie told the now agape faced Nikki Green.

It took Nikki a little while to regain her composure to even talk “Who… Who are you really?” she finally managed to say.

“Like I have told you I’m Susie Yoshida last surviving member of the legendary Yoshida clan. Even though my original clansmen were all killed long ago I have managed to rebuilt my clan through the years recruiting potential members wherever I can find them and you happen to show a lot of potential” Susie told Nikki grinning widely as she did.

“Well I take it that whatever is that your clan is dedicated to its not selling sushi is it?” Nikki asked in an obvious rhetorical tone.

“Hah! Good one, no kid obviously not! We are in the same line of work that dead [email protected]#$ down there is in, the same line of job that the woman that killed your mother was before she retired…” Susie was explaining as Nikki finished the sentence for her

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“You are all assassins I get that, but I still do not get why it is that you of all people, no offence would want to help me?”

“Kid I know you got a really raw deal and I want to try to give you a chance to change your life around and to get back at those or more precisely the one that hurt you so much.” Susie explained calmly and still wearing a wide smile as she did.

“Are you serious? You want to help me to get back at the [email protected]#$ that killed my mom?” Nikki replied this time with obvious interest in her voice. For the first time since her mom had died long ago she felt that she actually had an actual shot at putting her tattered life on track.

“Yes Nikki I’m serious. Now are you in or out? Because I do not have all night and I do have to dispose of the lovely body of Ms. Driver here before her organs become useless so once again you have two choices join me and change your life around or not and I’ll disappear from your life never to be seen again and you can go on living in shame and anger. So what is it going to be?” Susie asked plaintively.

Nikki hesitated but only briefly “Fine I’m in.” she finally responded.

“Good to hear, now help me and grab her feet will yah?” Susie told Nikki as she grabbed each of Ellie’s limp arms. Nikki did as told and grabbed the dead woman’s feet and together they lifted the lifeless assassin of the pavement, together they carried the former assassin’s corpse to the darkened end of the alley where there was a small empty lot that was dimly lit.

Susie extracted 2 rods from a pocket in her jacket and shook them violently. Instantly the fluorescent rods activated lighting the little empty lot more properly. “OK I’m going to get some stuff from my car and I’ll be back in a sec., in the meantime I want you to undress our friend here got it?” Susie said.

Nikki who stuttered at the request “Umm… Wh... What?” she asked.

“You heard me the first time, I know you are not deaf Nikki if you are in then you have to do exactly as you are told and your job now is to undress Ms. Driver so get to it no buts about it.” Susie said as she left leaving Nikki alone with Driver’s corpse.

Nikki sighed deeply as she was left alone with the former assassin’s lifeless body. “[email protected]#$…” she exclaimed “Ok, Nikki relax you can do this.” She mused to herself. Nikki looked down at the body of the former assassin once known as California Mountain Snake and kicked it slightly checking for any visible reaction. There was none. Once Nikki was confident that the lifeless assassin could not hurt her in any way she knelt beside Ellie’s body and began her assigned task.

She began by unbuttoning the blouse Ellie was wearing. “Not so tough now, are we [email protected]#$?” Nikki taunted the dead assassin as she lifted Ellie’s upper body with her limp arms flopping about, her head lulling heavily over her breasts and finished removing the blouse. As Nikki did something fell in her hands she looked at it and then looked at the former assassin’s face to recognize in horror that she was holding one of Ellie Driver’s glass eyes which had fallen off when her dead head had lulled forward. An empty hollow socket where the left eye was supposed to be was staring at her just inches from her face. Nikki had to resist with all her strength the urge to basically run scream and puke all in one! Gathering all her resolve she placed the glass eye back “Ew, ew, ew” she exclaimed repetitively as she did. Once she made sure the glass eye was back in place Nikki promptly closed Ellie’s eyes. She sighed deeply “Now that’s better! Let’s continue shall we?” Nikki let the assassin body drop back and proceeded to remove the dead woman’s pants, once again she incorporated Ellie’s upper body upright much more carefully this time though. The last thing Nikki wanted now was a repeat of what had happened earlier with the glass eye. “Hope you don’t have any more nasty surprises!” she said as she removed the white bra that Driver wore underneath. Inevitably she partially cupped Driver’s now exposed orbs as Nikki gently laid her back down. Nikki finally finished by removing Ellie’s undies. She piled all the pieces of garment together and placed them next to the now naked lifeless body of the former Deadly Viper.

She heard footsteps approaching and saw Susie finally returning with a strange looking body bag and a very large syringe. “Well see that was not so bad was it now?” Susie asked smiling.

Nikki finally could not hold it any longer and she ran to a corner retching profusely.

“There, there. You did very well for your first time.” Susie told Nikki as she gently patted the homeless young girl on the back.

Nikki finally regaining her composure wiped her mouth clean “So… What are those things for anyway?” she asked.

“You will see.” Susie replied back as she immediately went to Ellie Driver’s body and sat on top of it straddling it. She took the large syringe and plunge it into the heart to Nikki’s shock the body all of a sudden convulsed as if brought back to life!

“What are you doing? Reviving her?” Nikki asked visibly frightened now.

“Hardly! She is brain dead; you shot her brains out my dear. All that this does is keep her organs functioning a little longer. Just enough to have somebody properly remove them so they can be used on someone that may really need them.” Susie explained in very casual and unnerving tone at the same time.

“Is this what you do to all those whom you kill?” Nikki asked Susie obviously intrigued.

“No I do not. It really depends on who the target is. In Ms Driver’s case, well as you saw she was nothing more than a self serving cowardly [email protected]#$ who never cared about anything or anyone besides herself. So it is fitting that her organs end up helping those that she always ignored or sought to harm.” Susie explained as she did she glanced at the body of the former assassin who was now beneath her in all her glory. “Bet you never thought that this morning, huh Ellie?” Susie exclaimed as she fondled the lifeless assassin’s breasts and gave her a kiss on the slack lips.

Nikki went to examine the strange looking body bag Susie had brought “Be careful with that sweetie, those small cylinders the bag has contain liquid nitrogen and believe me that can get you a terminal case of frostbite on any appendage it touches!” Susie warned.

Nikki quickly dropped her research of the bag “OK… Well what now?” she asked.

“Now you help me place this body in the bag that is what.” Susie ordered. Susie who had already incorporated herself from on top of Ellie Driver’s corpse. Carefully took the bag and stretched it out, then opened it across the whole length. Finally once again Susie and Nikki lifted the assassin’s corpse and placed it on top of the bag. Making certain that the assassin’s limp limps were inside the bag, Susie closed it and twisted both rear ends of the small cylinders which they produced a hissing sound as the liquid nitrogen filled a lengthwise chamber designed to cool and preserve the body it contained.

“Nikki grab the other end of the bag and help me carry it to my car, I’m parked it right next to the entrance of the alley.” Susie ordered Nikki who compliantly did as told. Nikki knew that there was no turning back now. They both once again lifted the body of the former Deadly Viper this time inside the specially designed bag and headed toward the alley’s entrance. There they dropped the body bag again and Susie quickly checked to see it the coast was clear. It was. The street was virtually deserted and there was no visible traffic. A boom box playing Reaggeton could be heard in the distance. Susie quickly came back and once again and for the last time lifted the body bag containing Ellie Driver’s limp form and deposited in the rear sit of the black M5.

“When she was fighting with you she mentioned someone named Pei Mei, any idea who that was?” Nikki asked visibly more relaxed now that the ordeal with the dead woman’s body was seemingly over.

Susie sighed deeply “He was a creepy old bastard and my greatest mentor at the same time, he taught me most of the more deadly skills I now posses and that dead blonde [email protected]#$ killed him by poisoning his food. She was a coward and she deserved to die.” she explained with a tone of sadness in her voice Nikki had not heard before.

“I’m sorry for your loss.” Nikki said apologetically.

“It was a long, long time ago kid…” Susie replied back.

“My mom also died a long time ago and it still hurts!” Nikki answered. If there was one emotion she was very familiar with was pain specially the pain of irreparable loss.

“Touché. Get in the Bimmer and strap yourself in. We’re going.” Susie told Nikki as she finished strapping herself in the car.
Susie sat on the driver’s seat and threw a small bottle at Nikki who catches it in the air. “What’s this?” she asked.

“Drink it. No questions, no buts about it!” Susie ordered with a tone that clearly indicated to Nikki that she had no choice but to comply so she did. As she finished drinking the liquid she immediately began to feel numb and to lose consciousness. Moments latter Nikki was soundly in a drug induced sleep state.

“Sorry kid but I cannot let you see the location of our hide out yet until I can fully trust you, but don’t worry the drug’s effects will wear out in about 4 hours or so. Plenty of time for a beauty rest.” Susie told the now unconscious Nikki who now sat limply in the passenger’s seat besides Susie. Susie now smelled the not so pleasant aroma that the homeless girl had “Phew! It is also time to give you a bath as soon as we get you home dear!”

With that Susie drove off first dropping by at the rear entrance of St Jude’s Hospital were two men were waiting for her and her cargo. “Father Vinzenzo, Dr Reynolds as timely as always.” Susie greeted the two individuals whom they unceremoniously took the body bag out of the car.

“So what do we owe you this time?” Vinzenzo asked.

“Oh, this one is on the house boys. Just make sure the organs go to people that really need it and not to the first filthy super rich old fart that pays the most money for them!” Susie replied back.

“We’ll do!” Vinzenzo answered nodding as he did. It was then he noticed the motionless occupant of the passenger seat in the car “And what is the story with that one?” he asked pointing at the motionless Nikki Green inside the vehicle.

“Ah, that one is very much alive, just indisposed at the moment, just a lost soul I’m trying to save, sort to speak.” Susie answered grinning widely at the clergyman who looked at her plaintively.

“Funny Yoshida you never struck me as the soul saving type.” he said I a tone that clearly indicated doubt.

“Then I guess you really do not know me at all Father! Well boys it’s been fun but I gotta run.” Susie replied back as she drove off leaving the two men who hurriedly carried the body bag inside the hospital.

After about an hour of so of driving Susie Yoshida finally arrived at the hide out or headquarters in NYC. It was a warehouse on the shores of the Hudson opposite side to Manhattan at the lodge she had in the top floor of the building one could clearly see the impressive so called “Tower of peace” that rose above the city’s skyline where the WTC once stood. Susie clicked on a remote and an automatic garage door gave her access to the inside of the building,

Once inside the compound her trusted fellow clan member and resident hacker extraordinaire and sharp shooter of the group Daisuke greeted her “Greetings Lady Yoshida I assume everything went well yes? And I see that you brought the street rat as you planned and Driver?”

“Driver is as dead as a doorknob and her organs will be put to good use for once” Susie answered smiling as she got out of the M5 and to the passenger side to unstrap the unconscious form of Nikki Green. “Daisuke please take Miss Green here to the bathroom and prepare a bath for her, do not strip her or anything else ok, I’ll be the one bathing our young guest is that clear?”

“Perfectly Mistress Yoshida” Daisuke answered as he dutifully complied.

As he finished preparing the bath he looked at the unconscious young girl “Well kid I really hope you are worth it, phew the mistress is right you do need a bath” he said as he left the senseless Nikki on the floor in a sitting position next to the bathtub awaiting for Yoshida to arrive.

“Daisuke do you have the information I asked for?” Susie asked as Daisuke left the bathroom.

“Yes, it is waiting on your desk whenever you ready Mistress.” Daisuke replied with a nod.


“Very well and how about Kaze?” Susie then asked as she takes off her business coat and rolls her sleeves up.

“Ms. Sullivan will be arriving in about at hour at JFK, she was held up in Florida for an hour.” Daisuke replied taking Susie’s business coat.

“Damn, those Cubans…” Susie said. “I’ll be in my office after this let me know when she is in.”

“Very well,” Daisuke said with a final nod and disappeared to attend to his other duties such as the security of the warehouse.

Susie entered the bathroom and knelt beside the comatose girl. Nikki sat limply against the bathtub were Daisuke had left her, head lolled over her chest heavily with her dirty black hair cascading over her face, arms sitting limply at her sides palms up and legs straight out in front of her with toes canted outward. Susie lifted up Nikki’s head by her chin and looked at the peacefully sleeping girl’s face. “You’re a spitting image of your mother sweetie,” Susie said aloud to the unhearing Nikki turning her head from side to side admiring her profile. “Let’s see how much of a woman you have grown into.” Susie added as she begins untying Nikki’s dirty sneakers.

Nikki’s dirty clothing came off with ease as her limp body flopped about the bathroom floor like a rag doll. Susie had greatly enjoyed the utter limpness and full control she had over the seven-teen year old body. Nikki was the youngest potential candidate that Susie had held in her arms and that gave her both a mixed sense of guilt and pleasure as she finished removing Nikki’s clothes.

Nikki now lay sprawled out in the nude with tits up over the bathroom’s tiled floor. Susie stood nearby tossing the girl’s clothing into a bag to be burned later. Tossing the bag aside she returned to Nikki’s side and looked down at the nude girl, she had a nice athletic frame like her mother, a little flabby here and there but none the less with some work she would become a highly toned weapon.

Kneeling down Susie fondles the girl’s magnificent dark breasts twisting Nikki’s dark brown erected nipples. She then runs her hand down Nikki’s bare and smooth midriff, then over her fuzzy covered womanhood and down her athletic legs. “Very nice sweetie, looks like we got something to work with here.” Susie said looking over the Nikki’s body from head to toe. “Let’s get you cleaned up.” Susie told the unhearing Nikki in a loving motherly like tone as she raised the limp naked homeless girl into the bathtub and proceeded to thoroughly clean her.

Chapter 2: Training
The Next Day
NYC, Yoshida Inc. Warehouse, 8AM

Nikki moaned comfortably as she rolls to her side. Realizing the extreme comfort and warmness around her she quickly sits up. Looking around she notes that she is in a windowless room with a dim light overhead illuminated the small room. The room was small and bar with five pieces of furniture, a desk in the corner with a chair, a dresser, a nightstand next to the queen size bed that she was in. She barely remembered what had happened the night before. She remembered the dead blonde and then climbing in the black BMW with Yoshida and then that is was it. Feeling the softness of the blanket that she was wrapped in Nikki lifted it and to shock realized that she was completely naked underneath. Wrapping her self within her blanket she got out of the bed. Feeling the cold shock of steel floor she leapt back on in surprise. She then notices a note on the nightstand and reaches picking it she reads.

If you’re reading this note you are probably wondering a lot of things right now. So get dress and come up for some breakfast and I’ll explain everything. You’ll find some clothes in the dresser.
See You Soon,
Lady Yoshida

“Yoshida…” Nikki sighed to herself and laid by down the bed thinking if she had made a deal with the devil or something. She felt really clean well rested and she woke up naked, was she still a virgin? She reached down in the blanket and felt her womanhood to see if it would tell her anything. Her eyes shot open wide in surprise as she felt its bareness. Nikki threw the blanket off and jumped out of bed and ran over to the door where a body length mirror was mounted. Her womanhood was cleanly shaven as she suspected, she looked like she was twelve again. What the [email protected]#$ she thought looking back up at her naked self, she looked clean, and it had been a long time since she has had a bath. She just wished she had taken it herself. Her thick black curly hair was neatly braided into corn rows, thin braids hung off the back of her head to her mid-back. She ran her hands through her new hair due, she never had her hair done up nicely before and it was a good feeling that she had not felt in a really long time. Looking down she saw that her finger nails and toe nails were nicely trimmed and she smelled of sweet strawberries. A sudden breeze over her naked body reminded her to get dressed.

After rummaging through the dresser she found mostly loose ninja style clothing of different colors, socks, some underwear and a pair of track sneakers. She picked a white outfit randomly and dressed herself quickly. Two minutes later she was heading upstairs back two the main level of the warehouse. The warehouse was basically split into three levels, there was a lounge area on the second floor were Susie’s office and sleeping quarters were, the first floor was the main level mostly a wide open are used for storage, house the general offices of the building and the sublevel which provided a training center, weapons storage and additional sleeping quarters.

In the far corner of the warehouse was the office area, this is where she found the kitchen and Susie seated at the head of the table reading a news paper. She was dressed in a silk white dress shirt with a black wool v-neck sweater over it, pair of tight fitting black trousers over sexy slim high heel boots. Her long silky black hair was pulled back into a loose bun showing off her flawless attractive face. There were two other people at the table that Nikki didn’t recognized this immediately made her feel nervous. There was a lady with dirty blonde shoulder length wavy hair. Her bronze skinned body was clad in skin tight red sleeveless shirt that showed off her toned shoulders and arms, a pair of black soccer shorts did the same for her tan muscular long legs. There was a man sitting opposite of the dirty blonde, he was Asian like Susie. He was dressed in a black business suite with a black dress shirt underneath with a neck red tie. His black hair spiked up wildly in all directions.

“Don’t just stand there child, sit down and eat. Your food is getting cold.” Susie said not looking up from her paper.

Nikki looked down at the plate of scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages and toast in front of her. The other two people at the table paid no attention to her. Feeling awkward and detached Nikki plopped down in the seat and stared at her food.

“It’s not poisoned, if that’s what you’re thinking.” Susie said still not looking up from her paper.

“What did you do to me last night?” Nikki blurts out. The other two people at the table look up from their meals at her. It was then that Nikki notices the blonde woman was very exotic looking, with high cheek bones and almond green eyes. She was obviously half Asian. They look at Nikki unbothered by the fact that they didn’t know her and then back at Susie who was still reading the paper.

Still reading her paper Susie replies, “Nothing.”

“I woke up naked…” Nikki started to say.

Susie looked up and cut her off. “Nothing happened, now eat up we have a lot to do today and you need the energy. Nikki looked like she was about to press on but decided not to due to the tone of Susie’s voice. She knew this woman could kill if she wanted to. Better just do what she is told, she did agree to all this didn’t she?

“You cleaned her or something?” The blonde then asked looking at Susie.

“Yeah,” Susie simply answered.

“You never cleaned me…” The blonde said pouting and sitting back in her chair with her arms crossed.

Susie looked up and sat back in her chair looking at the blonde with a sly grin. “It’s only for new non-family members.”

“I see how it is Susie…” The blonde replied with a slight tone of disappointment.

Susie went back to reading the paper and everything was quiet for a minute then the man said, “You never cleaned me.”

Looking back up from her paper and eyeing the man in annoyance with a grin on her lips. Susie replies sternly, “Eat!”

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Re: Susie Yoshida: Nikki Green’s revenge on Beatrix Kiddo

After breakfast was done everyone headed upstairs to the lounge for introductions. The blonde woman’s name was Kaze Sullivan she was another Yoshida clan trained assassin and the man was Daisuke Yamashita he was an expert with computers, surveillance and marksman rifle and hand guns. Kaze was Susie’s cousin which explains her half Asian half Caucasian appearance. She was never accepted as a true Yoshida ninja even though she had gone through the same training as Susie since her mix race background. It wasn’t until Susie became head of the clan that Kaze became a member. Daisuke like Nikki was rescued and then trained by Susie.

Once introductions were out of the way Susie went right to business setting up a training schedule for Nikki. Normally Nikki was and would be against any kind of authority or structure but in this case, training was one thing she knew she needed to succeed with her revenge. She would be taught be all of the other Yoshida clan members, Daisuke would school her, Kaze would train her through strength and conditioning, and Susie would take care of the rest from hand-to-hand combat full out weapons training. Susie would also pick up and slack if others had to leave for other missions. Her day would start at 5AM and end 12AM her only day off was Sunday.

The rest of September and most of October were perhaps the second most hardest moments in Nikki’s life, the first being the death of her mother. It was through these months Nikki second guessed herself thinking if she had made the right choice that night in the alley. The training and the learning was just brutal there were several moments where she had thought she was going die and others where she just wanted to quit. Susie, Kaze and Daisuke were her anchor though and kept her from giving up. They often reminded Nikki what she was doing this for and that all the pain and suffering were going to be worth it at the end. By November she was learning faster and feeling more confident in herself. She trained hard all through winter and spring, picking up new skills quickly and mastering them in record time.

Nikki had grown fond with her new family as well through her rigorous training. Susie was like a new mother to her and Kaze and Daisuke were like older siblings. For the first time in a long time she actually felt that she belonged somewhere. By May she felt strongly enough about the Yoshida clan members to the point where she would kill for them to honor their names. The life of an assassin was perhaps not the life that her mother wanted her to have, but it was going to be the life that she needed to avenge her death.

Susie and the others were all impressed on how fast Nikki picked up the art of killing so quickly. She had become a lot stronger than she had when she had first arrived. Everyone felt Nikki would be ready soon. Ready for her first mission, a baptism to fire, the final step in becoming a Yoshida ninja, the first kill.

Chapter 3: First blood, first kill
June 6, 2017
La Paz, Bolivia 11AM

Nikki had been waiting at the airport for over an hour until they preped the charter plane that would take her across the Bolivian countryside right near the border in a small airfield in the town of RiberaAlta a town that is right by one of the tributary rivers of the great Amazon river. Image

From there the clan already had acquired a motorcycle which Nikki was to use to get to the compound where her first real world target was…

NYC, Yoshida Inc. Warehouse 2 days earlier:

Nikki entered Susie’s office as soon as she heard being summoned by Susie herself. Nikki bowed down respectfully as she saw her. “Lady Yoshida you summoned me.”

“I did Nikki and please call me Susie” she replied smiling “Ok then why have I been summoned here Susie?” Nikki answered back if there was thing she learned is to get straight to the point and not beat around the bush on a subject.

“We are now confident that you are fully capable of finally executing your fist mission and one has just popped up; get your gear ready in 2 days you part for Bolivia my dear.”

“And who’s my target?” Nikki asked plaintively. “Your target is Cartel leader Esmeralda Lopez widow of the former boss of the cartel Cesar Antonio Lopez, ever since her husband died in unclear circumstances; it is suspected that she may have been involved in her husband’s death but nothing substantial. “

“So she is a Mob boss then?” Nikki asked intrigued about who was to be her first real world target.

“Yes as I said she pretty much runs things now, she is suspected of not just running a drug traffic operation as her late husband was but that it has expanded to include racketeering, extortion and even kidnapping” Susie explained.

“Nice gal!” Nikki said in a sarcastic tone “Well we know what we do with those don’t we?” Susie asked rhetorically “Yes we do, I’ll get my gear ready!” Nikki finally said as she left Susie’s office to get ready for her very first mission ever.
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Re: "Susie Yoshida: Nikki Green’s revenge on Beatrix Kiddo "

Postby esercito sconfitto » Fri Jun 14, 2019 5:29 pm

June 6, 2017
RiberaAlta, Bolivia 2PM

It had been a grueling 3 hour flight to the town of RiberaAlta after a not so smooth landing at the small dirt airstrip Nikki paid in cash the pilot and climbed on the Bike the clan had procured for her. With that she rode at full speed to her destination which was the Lopez Cartel compound located near the border town of Guayaramerin.

It took Nikki about an hour or so to finally reach the immediacy of the compound. She quickly dismounted and took a first look at the compound from a nearby hill 1 mile away. Looking through her night vision binoculars she could clearly see the layout of the place. It was pretty much on the money of what the Intel that unofficially the U.S Dept of homeland security had provided them with.

June 6, 2017
1 Mile from the Lopez Cartel compound
Near Guayaramerin, Bolivia 8PM

The compound was a heavily fortified site complete with watchtowers bearing armed snipers this was the obvious first line of defense and obstacle Nikki had to overcome, she quickly mounted the especially silenced sniper rifle with the night vision scope, she took a another glance with her binoculars at the opulent mansion placed right in the center of the compound.

She finally got a glimpse of her target talking to an unidentified Asian looking woman. Intrigued she took out a digital camera with telescopic lenses and took a picture. Moments latter she opened up her laptop and uploaded via a satellite link the picture right to Daisuke’s computer back in NYC. There Daisuke quickly ran face identification software.

It wasn’t long before he got a match. The woman was trouble indeed she was a known North Korean operative. Her name was Tasei Yong and she was blindly loyal to Kim’s regime. It was known that the North Korean regime being short strapped on cash had been making all kinds of shady deals around the world with underworld figures. Daisuke told Nikki that Tasei was to be eliminated as well.

That same time
NYC, Yoshida Inc. Warehouse

“Hold on Nikki, something else is developing over here…” Daisuke said into the microphone-ear set that was attached to his computer. With that he then glanced at the individual that he could see and hear raising his voice at Yoshida’s office. Daisuke rose of his chair and headed for his mistress office.

Stephen Olsen attaché of Homeland security to Yoshida’s unique enterprise was raising his hands in the air and shouting at Yoshida as Daisuke silently entered the office behind his back. “I’m telling you the situation has changed and you must abort, now!”

“And I’m telling you that my operative is already on the ground and can do the job, now if we abort and you try to send a Especial Ops team it would take at best 6 hours or more to reach the target and there’s no guarantee that it won’t go unnoticed that you Americans are up too something!” Yoshida calmly told the irritated US government attaché.

“Are you insane Yoshida? This is now a rescue mission, the elimination of the intended target is no longer relevant!” Olsen yelled right back but was interrupted as Daisuke got a fiber cord around his neck! “Now I suggest you sit and listen! You do not want to make Mr Yamashita here angry now do you?” Yoshida told the now scared shitless G-Man who now dutifully and quickly complied.

“You… Cannot possibly kill me! You are all dead meat if you do!” Olsen said still knowing full well that his words meant very little to determined assassins.

“We do not have to kill you! What do you think will happen if all this operation and all others Homeland security has hired us for became public?” Yoshida said with fierceness and determination in her voice that made Olsen face go livid. “You wouldn’t?” Olsen spouted timidly

“Try me you little piece of [email protected]#$! Now as I said our operative is already on the ground and she is fully capable of doing this operation. So tell your masters at Homeland security to leave me alone and let me do my job!” Yoshida said as Daisuke finally released Olsen from his potential death grip. “Will that be all?” Olsen spoke as he stood up nursing his somewhat sore throat.

“Yes do not ever raise your voice to me or any of my teammates like that again. Now get the hell out of my office!” Yoshida told the G-man as he quickly left the premises. “Lady Yoshida?” Daisuke asked as he aproached her.

“Tell Nikki the situation has changed somewhat and that it is now also a rescue operation, it seems that Miss Lopez has seem fit to kidnap the U.S ambassador’s son!” Yoshida ordered Daisuke who dutifully and without any hesitation complied.

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1 Mile from the Lopez Cartel compound
Near Guayaramerin, Bolivia 8:40 PM

Nikki read her laptop’s screen intently as Daisuke uploaded it via the satellite link with the latest on how the mission had somewhat changed. As it turned out now Ms Lopez had turned to kidnap none other than the U.S ambassador’s only son Philip Lancaster age 9. Perfect, now the [email protected]#$ is also kidnapping a little kid no older than when my old man died! Nikki thought to herself as she read the details on the screen.

What Nikki had just learned worked to strengthen her resolve to accomplish the mission. There was no way she was going to allow a drug peddling [email protected]#$ to kidnap a little kid and get away with it. She once again picked up her sniper rifle and looked thru the scope. She focused her attention on the guards that were roaming around the compound and noticed with horror that some of them were no more than kids themselves both boys and girls no older than 12 at best armed with AKs!

Damn this [email protected]#$! Nikki thought as she observed the kids roaming around guarding the compound. Nikki switched her attention back to the snipers in the watch towers sighing with relief noticing that at least they were basically adults by comparison. She did not want to have the killing of children in her conscience.

Nikki adjusted the scope to get the best shot possible at the first sniper in her sights and fired. The shot blew the sniper’s brains out and he quickly dropped out of sight dead.

She methodically repeated the process until all the snipers were out of commission, the she quickly and silently moved toward the compound once nearby she spots a lonely adult guard smoking. Nikki approaches him silently and with a quick move she covers the man’s mouth to prevent him from screaming as she slits his throat. She drags the corpse quickly out of sight and moves further into the compound

Inside Lopez Cartel compound
Near Guayaramerin, Bolivia 8:50 PM

Once she reached the main building Nikki entered a small closet and peeked out as she did Nikki spots a rather young female guard carrying an AK as the girl passes by Nikki grabs her and pulls her in covering the girl’s mouth so she would not scream.

“Entiendes Ingles? Do you understand or speak any English?” Nikki asked the terrified girl who timidly nodded. “Ok then I’m going to let go off your mouth but if only if you promise not to scream, because even though I do not want to hurt you I will slit your throat if you do, you understand?” Nikki explained to the girl, who once again nodded.

“So what is your name?” Nikki said as she released her grip on the young girl’s mouth.

“Isabel.” The girl answered back in heavily accented English.

“Well Isabel can you tell me how you ended up as a guard here?” Nikki asked the young girl plaintively.

“My mother is the house maid of the mansion. She is nothing but a slave to Mistress Lopez and so are we most of the kids you see here!”

“That’s awful!” Nikki exclaimed in response “Well, the alternative is to starve really…” Isabel said with a tone of sadness in her voice as she lowered her head as if in shame.

“Hey, listen to me it doesn’t have to be this way, now I can help you get you and your mother out of here, but I need your help first” Nikki told Isabel as she gently touched Isabel’s chin so she would raise her head back to eye level.

“If you can get me and my mom out of here, I will be glad to assist you. You… You are an assassin aren’t you?” Isabel now asked plaintively.

“What makes you say that?” Nikki asked back.

“The mistress has been very scared of a possible hit on her life the past few days, the North Korean woman that is here now with her is acting as her personal bodyguard for the moment, my mom told she was sent by the ruler of North Korea himself just for that task!” Isabel explained.

“Well you are right I am. Do you still want my help?” Nikki asked.

“Si!” Isabel responded affirmatively.

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“Well Isabel I need to get inside the mansion and would much prefer to do it without harming any of your fellow little guards so any help would be appreciated”

At that moment they both hear footsteps approaching the small closet. “Isabel donde estas?” was heard inside the closet immediately after. “Ay es Miguel tengo que salir de aqui, if they find us both here were dead!” Isabel said with alarm in her voice, Nikki gestured Isabel to go out and she diligently does to meet Miguel.

Miguel was only slightly older than Isabel and he had grown very protective of Isabel as if it was his own sister but at the same time of all the kids guarding the compound he happened to be the most loyal to the mistress as well. “Que pasa Miguel?” Isabel asked the young male interloper as she came out of the closet. “Como que, que pasa porque no constestabas cuando te llame primero? Que hacias ahi adentro?” Miguel shot back.

“Escuche un ruido adentro del armario y fui a ver que era, era solo una sabandija. Nada de que preocuparse.” Isabel answered hoping that it would satisfy Miguel “Una sabandija ah? Una rata?” he asked Isabel simply nodded and the answer Miguel gave made her blood curl “Ven matesmosla pues!” the kid turned toward the closet only to be dragged by Nikki who quickly gave him a punch that rendered him unconscious..

“Dios mio! Is he alive?” Isabel asked Nikki in a frightened tone. “Yes he is just unconscious; now help me tying him up.” Nikki ordered and Isabel complied not wanting at all to test the young woman knowing full well what she was capable off by now. After securing Miguel they leave him unconscious inside the closet and taking advantage of a moment no one was patrolling that particular area both moved quickly to the rear door to which Isabel had keys for.

The rear entrance of the mansion led to a service area and laundry with stairs leading into the interior of the complex. Isabel’s mother was there doing the laundry and Nikki immediately restrained her in a similar fashion that she did Isabel also covering her mouth. The woman silently mumbled terrified as her daughter talked to her “its Ok mom, she is here to help, please don’t scream”

“Your daughter is right, now what happens in the next few seconds is up to you, I can indeed help you both if you let me or you and your daughter can die right here right now if you scream, your choice…” The woman nodded and Nikki allowed her to speak Helena Cruz whispered to her daughter “Mija who is this woman?”.

“She is an assassin mom and she can help us get out of here, of this life!” Isabel replied. “She is an assassin and you trusted her?” Helena replied back with incredulity and fear in her toned down voice. “Is not like I, we… have a choice mom, well not one that leaves us breathing.” Isabel answered back Helena sighed “Good point! Well what can we do to help?”

“First of all stay here and out of my way but you also need a cover story if you are found before I finish my mission.” Nikki said. “Cover story?” Helena asked but was cut short in her thoughts when suddenly Nikki applied a flying kick to Isabel that sent her flying 2 feet away to fall limply unconscious into the floor. Before Helena could utter a word Nikki was on her throat again “Not a sound, she is alive OK? That is the cover story for you 2, your daughter was jumped and rendered unconscious and you found her and brought her inside got it?”

Helena nodded once again; she decided wisely that it was pointless to argue with the young woman who clearly had both her life and that of her daughter on her hands. She simply went to her daughter picked her limp form of the floor and carried her to a small bunk in the corner. Nikki in the meantime proceeded to walk up the stairs and into the inner bowels of the mansion.

Glad you aprove, I had not forgotten but I had lots of troble with a huge writter's block for quite a while I'm happy to report that the worst of it seems to be over.

A few things you need to know about the Lopez cartel mansion Mrs Lopez owns an armored hummer which Nikki could use to escape. After Nikki obviously takes care of Tassei, Mrs Lopez is more a manipulative [email protected]#$ than a fighter so she would most likely use the kid she kidnapped as a shield against Nikki but that should not be a big problem for a now expert assasin should it? emoticon

Anyhow after she finishes her mission she should reunite with Sussie in Rio de Janero's Cristo del corcovado, then they go down to the favelss to meet Sussie's old Capoeira master and from there is to Baja California for Nikki's showdown with you know who... emoticon

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At the top of the stairs Nikki opened the door a crack and took a deep breath before she opened it more and stuck her head into the hallway. The passageway was dimly lit and deserted. She quietly slipped out from the basement door closing the door softly behind her. Leaning close to the wall Nikki began to creep down the hallway keeping all of her senses alert. As she moved she un-holstered her USP and screwed on the silencer on keeping the handgun up and ready just in case if things were to get bad. Most of the guards outside aside from the snipers in the towers were kids that would mean all the adult guards were inside the mansion.

Just as she turned the corner she heard a woman’s voice in one the nearby rooms. Gripping her USP she moved closer towards the room. The room was on the left side of the hall and the door was opened. Nikki crossed the hall and moved up to the doorway of the room. She kept to the side of the door frame and out of view as she peeked in and quickly looked around the room.

It was a communication room. The room was empty of furniture save for a table with radio equipment on it and two folding chairs where two guards sat. Their backs were to the open door. One guard was a male while the other was a female both were dressed in green military style fatigues. The female guard wore a pair of headphones on her head and was working the radio that was sitting in front of her, possibly trying to reach the guards that Nikki had already killed. Her male counterpart read a magazine and was leaned back in his chair with his feet on the table.

As she was trained Nikki quickly thought up of plan in her head and acted on it seconds later. She moved into the room quickly and silently took aim at the male guard’s head and fired. The .40 caliber bullet was silent as it smacked into the unsuspected guard’s skull blowing brains out the opposite side. He fell over limply with a thud, a mass of blood under what was left of his head. Not stopping, she holstered the USP and wrapped her arms around the throat of the female just as she stood up in shock. Nikki quickly clamped her free hand over the woman’s mouth and pulled her away from the view of the doorway the headphones fall from her head as she disappears into the shadows. The assassin and guard back into the shadows of the room. The young assassin kept her back to the wall as she was trained to do so.

“Can you understand English?” Nikki whispered. The guard nodded her head yes quickly. “I’m going to ask you some questions and you’re going to answer is that clear?” Nikki asked tightening her grip around the woman’s neck. The woman nodded quickly again, Nikki could smell the fear. “Do I need to even warn you what will happen if you scream?” The guard shook her head no. Nikki removed her hand from the woman’s mouth. “How many other guards are in the house?”

“Six…” The woman answered and was about to say something else but Nikki quickly covered her mouth and tightens the grip.

“I ask and you answer.” Nikki whispers calmly. The woman nods and Nikki removed her hand. “How many are patrolling?”


“Why so few?”

“They rest in camp a mile away.” Nikki knew about the camp but not how many guards would be present in the compound at the time she was relieved it was so few. The camp itself would be taken care off latter by Uncle Sam…

“Where are the North Korean and your boss?”


“The boy?”

“With Ms. Lopez.”

“Thank you.” Nikki said she grips the woman’s chin and in one quick motion followed by a pop the guard was limp in Nikki’s arms. The guard is dead on her feet. Nikki lowers her inert form to the floor. The woman was a little bit older than she and was an average looking woman with shoulder length black hair held in a loose pony tail. In the dimness of the room Nikki could barely make out the facial features of the female guard but she could tell the woman’s eyes were open at halfway, there were tears at the corner of her eyes and her jaw slack and hanging. Nikki closes the woman’s eyes the rest of the way and then began to frisk the corpse. She pats the woman’s clothing down, turning pockets inside out and feeling up the dead guard’s intimate parts. The woman was about her size Nikki calculated looking down at her victim. Nikki started to pull apart her own outfit as a prelude to what was going to happen next.

The female guard sat limply in a darken corner of the room, head hanging over her breasts with her nerveless hands at her sides. She is only clad in a white tank top and a pair of white cotton panties. Nikki stands over the half naked woman and adjusted her new uniform. She wraps her clothes in the bundle and places it on the guard’s bare thighs and puts the dead woman’s hands over them. “I’ll be back, watch my clothes for me.” She whispered patting the dead woman over her head. In addition to her ‘borrowed’ uniform Nikki added her own load baring belt to which carried her ‘tools’. Picking up one of the dead guard’s Boone caps and placing it over her own head Nikki leaves the radio room closing the door behind her.

Dressed as the female guard, Nikki moves more naturally down the hall keeping her head low and her face in the shadow of the Boone cap. The first floor was quiet and deserted Nikki was starting to wonder if the guard had lied to her about the other guards in the mansion. As she entered the dining room she heard voices and laughter from the neighboring kitchen. She withdrew her silenced USP as she neared. Listening to the voices she figured there were at least two men. She crossed the deserted dining room quickly keeping an eye on the swinging door that lead to the kitchen. She thumbed off her safety as she pushed the door opened.


There were four men in the spacious kitchen. They were all dressed similar to how Nikki was dressed. Two sat at the island while the other two stood nearby. The two that stood had their AK-47’s slung over their shoulders while the two that sat had theirs on the island top. All four men looked at Nikki and briefly hesitated on what to do. She looked like one them but was not. The hesitation was all she needed. Her USP only made smacking noises as she expertly squeezed the trigger landing four head shots. Within seconds the room was silent. One guard had folded over the island while the other three were on the white tiled floor that was now quickly getting covered by blood. Looking around the room at her work Nikki grinned and thumbed on her safety. She turned off the lights to the kitchen and silently backed out. The swinging door slightly swung in the darkness hiding the blood bath.

Moving away from the kitchen Nikki spotted her next target. She figured there should only be two more left. She only had eight rounds left in her USP, so it was time to put some of her other skills to use. In the darken living room she spotted another guard, his back was turned to her as he was looking out the big window that looked out into the jungle just beyond the compound. He held his AK-47 loosely in his hands and was completely unaware that death was sneaking up behind him. Nikki pulled a dark fiber optic cord from her belt and wrapped the ends of it around her knuckles as she stalked up to her next target. She was three feet away when she leaped the rest of the way wrapping the cord tightly around the guard’s neck. He quickly dropped his rifle in a panic and clawed with his fingers at the cord sinking into the flesh of his neck. Nikki stood fast and kicked the back of his knees dropping to guard down. She continued relentlessly as the guard sat on the he knees with his arms now waving frantically about as he let out sickly gurgling noises. Just as suddenly as the attack came his body goes limp and Nikki pulls her cord and lets the body drop with a thud.

Putting the cord away she quickly rolled the dead man over and hoisted his heavy form up from under the arms. She then dragged him to a nearby sofa and with some effort propped his body onto the plush sofa. He sat senselessly with head thrown back and arms to his side. Picking up the AK she placed the rifle in his dead hands to make look like he was asleep holding the gun. As she leaned over adjust his head to lean forward to hide the marks on his neck she heard footsteps coming from behind her. Thinking fast she quickly sat down on the dead man’s lap and held his face and locked lips with the corpse. She heard the footsteps enter the room. Her heart was working in overdrive and she was at near panic. Remember her training she quickly focuses on something else, the taste of rice and beef, the dead guard’s last meal.

As she lip wrestled with the dead guard her toned senses kept track of the other present in the room. She could smell sweat and BO, the other person was surely a man larger than the one she had just killed. He was speaking Spanish as he quickly crossed the living room. Nikki kept her lips looked with the dead man as she reached for her knife. As soon as she felt the touch of the other guard’s hand on her shoulder she quickly turned and thrust her knife to the hilt into the man’s chest, the blade expertly sliding between the ribs and into the man’s heart. He stood almost a head taller than Nikki and looked down at her with shocked eyes and jaw hang. Nikki only grinned and stood her ground looking up at the man as life faded from his dark eyes. His AK-47 which was slung over his slipped off and fell to the ground with a loud thump as his body goes limp in Nikki’s arms. He leaned on her heavily as she quickly guides him over to his dead comrade lowers his body into the other man’s lap. She then pulls her knife free and wipes it clean off of the dead guard’s shirt before putting it away.

She rolled the other dead man onto the sofa so he would be sitting next to other guard before she left the room. Walking the rest of the first floor once more she felt satisfied that the floor was secured before she headed up the next level. With no guards to worry about Nikki quickly strolled upstairs to start checking rooms.

The top floor was even darker than the first floor. Nikki let her eyes adjust to the darkness before she began systematically opening doors and peeking in. The first two rooms were empty and the third was a closet. As she moved towards the door to the fourth room she heard movement from behind the door. She silently withdrew her USP and held it closed to her as she opened the door.

Right as she poked her head into the room the darken room she felt the cold steel of a gun barrel on her temple and stopped dead in her tracks. A woman’s voice spoke to her in Spanish and she didn’t move. “Who are you?” the woman then asked in a thick accent.

“No one,” Nikki answered calmly and quietly.

“An American?” The woman said opening the door all the way and turning on the lights in her room. Nikki squinted at the sudden change of lighting. “Over here.” The woman ordered. Nikki did as she was told as the woman stepped in front of her keeping her the hand gun trained on her. As soon as Nikki was in the soft lighting of the room she recognized the woman from earlier. Tasei Yong. She was wearing a black spaghetti strapped top and matching pair of hot pants. The North Korean spy was barefoot with her black hair tied back into a pony tail. In her hands she held a nickel plated Berretta. The woman was in her mid-thirties and had a flawless face with high cheek bones with a small nose and thin lips.

Tasei eyed Nikki’s USP, “Drop it.” She demanded. Nikki clicked the safety and dropped the pistol. She was only stood two feet away from the North Korean spy. Her head was quickly formulating ideas as she looked at the barrel of the pistol pointed at her. “A spy… No wait, an assassin?” Tasei asked looking Nikki up and down. “I see that you are dressed like one of the guards I take it you have eliminated our security detail?”

“I have.” Nikki answered staring at the Korean.

“No big deal. I told Lopez to put add more. Who sent you?”

“The boy.” Nikki answered.

“The boy?” Tasei repeated with a chuckle. “A one person rescue operation? I highly doubt that. Who sent you?” Tasei asked again pulling back the hammer of her weapon.

“I told you.” Nikki replied calmly.

Tasei smiled, “I see so it is going to be like that. Let’s go see Ms. Lopez she could be more persuasive. Put your hands up.”

Nikki moved like lightning as she grabbed for Tasei’s gun, pulling it down and towards the Korean. As her left hand worked on the gun, her right hand punches Tasei in the face numerous times stunning the spy and knocking her off of her feet. Nikki managed to twist the Berretta free and threw it aside as Tasei got back up to her feet with a bloody nose and lip. The Korean spy moves forward with a flurry of kicks and jabs. Nikki moves backwards blocking the hits with elbows and knees. Tasei throws a straight left aimed at Nikki’s face. The young assassin side steps and connects with an elbow spinning Tasei around and to the ground. Nikki moves fast mounting Tasei on the back and wrapping her arms around the Korean’s neck. Tasei tries to flip around but Nikki’s legs were tight around her waist, the spy was trapped. She managed to only grab at Nikki’s arms just as the younger woman violently twists her neck snapping the spine from her skull. Tasei’s limbs go limp and heavy. Nikki lets Tasei’s body fall face first onto the carpet with a thud.

[email protected]#$,” Nikki breathed pulling her legs from under Tasei’s corpse leaving the dead woman lying face down before. She takes a final look at the body before turning away and picking up her USP.

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Re: Susie Yoshida: Nikki Green’s revenge on Beatrix Kiddo

“Don’t move!” A woman’s voice demanded just as Nikki stepped into the hall. She turned towards the voice and saw her target, both of them. Esmeralda Lopez dressed in colorful silk robe with her dark brown hair flowing pass her shoulders. Nine year old Philip Lancaster stood in front of her, the cartel boss holding him motherly. Philip had a panic looked on his face. Esmeralda held a small P7 aimed at Nikki. “Where’s Tasei?”

Nikki raised her USP up at eye level with both hands. “She’s sleeping…let the boy go.”

Esmeralda quickly pulled Philip closer and turned the P7 on him. “Drop your gun! Or I’ll kill him!” the cartel boss screamed. Nikki moved closer not lowering her gun. Esmeralda stepped backward pulling Philip with her. Philips eyes started water. He looked at Nikki with pleading eyes.

“Let him go Ms. Lopez. Don’t make him watch this.” Nikki said calmly looking at Philip and slowly blinked her eyes. Philip was smart and caught on to the message right away and closed his eyes tightly.

“Watch what?” Esmeralda screamed pressing the barrel of the small pistol to Philip’s head.

“Your safety.” Nikki said calmly thumbing her safety off.

“What!” Esmeralda exclaimed and looked down at the pistol. As the cartel boss’s eyes shifted Nikki squeezed the trigger. A mist of red puffed behind her head and a neat red hole appeared on her forehead. Her brown eyes stared emptily as she fell backwards.

“Philip!” Nikki called out kneeling down and holstering her USP. “Don’t look.” She ordered. The nine year old complied and ran into Nikki’s arms. “Listen to me Philip. My name is Nikki, I’m taking you home. Do you understand?” Philip nodded locking eyes with Nikki. “Do you know where the basement is?”

“Yes, ma’am, Ms. Helen lives there.” Philip replied.

Nikki nodded, “That’s right Philip. Go there and do not look anywhere else, stay away from the kitchen. The house is safe.” Philip nodded. “Go now, I’ll be down in a little bit.”

Philip took off and Nikki walked over and looked over at Esmeralda. The cartel boss lay straight with bare feet canted outward and arms slightly spread at her sides, the P7 still in her dead hand. Her robe was slightly parted exposing the Latina’s naked tanned legs. Esmeralda eyes stared blankly at the ceiling, her lips were slightly parted showing white teeth. Nikki knelt down next to the body and untied the robe and opened it up, the young assassin grinned seeing Esmeralda naked body. “Mission accomplished.”

Inside Lopez Cartel Compound 9:30PM

Nikki found an armored Humvee that was going to be her ticket out. She was set to meet Susie in Rio in the morning for a debriefing. After Esmeralda was confirmed dead Nikki changed back into her clothes and retrieved her stashed gear. She then gathered the house staff and kids that were now free. Miguel the head kiddy guard was still tied up, he was not too happy to what had happen to his former boss. The other kids happily surrendered when they found out that Esmeralda was dead along with the other guards and Tasei. The house staff packed their bags they had to be gone before whatever would be left of Esmeralda’s private army arrived in the morning. Whatever was to be left of it because Nikki contacted Daisuke again simply stating “Mission accomplished, special package can be delivered.”

It was a code word that Daisuke immediately relied to the attaché who in turn relayed it to the defense department. From there an order was issued to an already flying B2 stealth bomber that was flying near the Bolivian border unnoticed to drop 2 5000LBS JDAMS (Joint Direct Attack Munitions) bombs into the camp containing Esmeralda’s private army within 6 minutes the camp was obliterated as the bombs found their mark with deadly accuracy, of Esmeralda’s 200 men army (160 men & about 40 women) only about 12 survived barely as they were just arriving at the camp when the bombs hit, Esmeralda’s Army was no more…

A minute or 2 earlier…

Philip was trying to sleep while he waited for Nikki in the Humvee. Last steps of her mission were to take pictures of Esmeralda to confirm her death. With the help of a cook and a grounds keeper Nikki had the body of the former cartel boss moved to the dining room and laid out atop the long oak table. The robe had been stripped off rendering the once ruthless cartel boss utterly dead and naked.

Nikki snapped some pictures and left the body there for Esmeralda’s few if any surviving men to find in the morning. As per request by Susie’s government contact the body of Tasei Yong had be transported back to the states. Nikki had the cook and a mechanic rig up a steel storage box and fills it up with ice. As they worked she stripped the North Korean spy naked and wrapped her body in plastic. The steel box with Tasei securely inside was then loaded on to the back of the Humvee.

As they were finished a loud explosion was heard which frightened the staff helping Nikki, she simply smiled “Relax, what you heard is Esmeralda’s private army being taken care off, they will no longer be able to terrorize you, but you should still leave in case any survived and tries to find his way here.”

It was about ten when Nikki bid farewell and good luck to the house staff and Helen and her daughter who had not woken up yet. Helen had simply fallen sleep beside her daughter after tending to Philip. Nikki rustled Helen awake “Helen it’s time to go” she said as Helen woke up Nikki picked up the still sleeping Isabel and with Isabel sleep and her mom at her side in the back sit they drove out. The house staff head north riding in SUVs that the guard had brought with them to the compound. Nikki along with her special cargo, Philip beside her and Isabel and her mom in the backseat headed south to meet with Susie.

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Chapter 4: Path toward vengeance or justice…
Porto Velho, Brazil 12:00 AM.

Nikki finally arrived to her Brazilian border town destination of Porto Velho after over 2 hours of driving thru barely recognizable jungle roads in the night. In Esmeralda’s armored hummer. A chopper full of CIA agents awaited them, they unloaded the “especial” cargo from the Hummer’s rear and took Philip to his anxiously awaiting parents, after a brief debate Helena and Isabel were also allowed to board the chopper with Nikki to take them to Manaus where Nikki would board yet another charter plane to Rio while Isabel and her mother would start a new life in Manaus itself.

Rio de Janeiro, Monte del Cristo del Corcovado 1 day latter: 2:00 PM.

Nikki looked down at the beautiful scenic panorama; she had barely rested a few hours after arriving at Rio only to go to her rendezvous point where she was to meet with Suzie herself. It had been about 15 minutes since she had arrived and Suzie was nowhere in sight so she took time to admire the scenery. The city looked beautiful from atop the mountain; off course it hid the ugly urban realities of poverty and crime especially in the Favelas (Slums). As Nikki admired it all, she overheard someone.

“Beautiful view isn’t it? I love to come up here each time I visit Rio, is one of my favorite spots” Susie said as she came right next to Nikki in the walkway. “By the way being in our profession you should never be distracted like that” she added.
“I heard you the moment you disembarked from the cable car Susie and you are late.” Nikki replied.
“Good girl and congratulations on a job well done, you have exceeded all our expectations” Susie said.

“So what’s next? Because I’m really tired and would really like to get some real R.R even if it’s for a while.” Nikki asked as always she was straight to the point.

“And you shall my dear; let’s go a suite in a 5 star hotel awaits us…”
“Goodie” Nikki uttered now truly feeling worn out from all that she had to go thru to accomplish her mission.

Rio de Janeiro, Sheraton Hotel, Suite 2B. 14 hours latter

Nikki woke up finally from a deserved restful sleep, took a long shower and came out rejuvenated into the suite’s balcony were Susie was sipping from a cup of coffee.
“Hi there sleepy head, rested enough?” Susie asked.
“Yes I have, so now that I’m finally rested what’s next? And by next you know what I mean Susie I have done my part of the bargain and worked and work for you, I believe I have more than proven myself so when do I get to have my revenge on the Black Mamba [email protected]#$ that killed my mother as you promised?”

“Yes you have but before you embark on this little revenge quest of yours there are things you need to know, sit down!”

“What? Why do I have to…” Nikki began to question but Susie cut her off “I said sit down!” Susie replied energetically with a fearful decisiveness in her voice. Nikki complied allowing herself to sit heavily on the chair on the table next to the one Susie is sitting at.

“The woman that you know as the Black mamba, her name is Beatrix Kiddo and while you know that she killed your mother you don’t know yet why it happened and you need to know the whole story.”

“Knowing that the [email protected]#$ killed my mom is enough for me…” Nikki began to speak again only to be cut off by Susie again “Are you going to shut up and listen or do you prefer for me to use a Dim Mak combo on you so you are paralyzed from the waist down ‘till you finish hearing me out?, your choice!” Susie said in a very stern tone and Nikki knew better than to challenge her mentor at that point.

“As I was saying you do not know the reason Beatrix Kiddo killed your mom, and the reason believe it or not was that she was in a quest for revenge pretty much like the one you are so eager to embark on. You see your mom was an assassin like Beatrix is, they belonged to a cadre of assassins named the Deadly vipers. But Kiddo got pregnant from the boss of the vipers and she decided to leave her former life behind and to try to give her daughter a normal life.”

“My… mom killed her daughter?” Nikki asked timidly

“Not quite,. But her boss, the boss of the vipers a man named Bill found out that she had been hiding out from him and he and the rest of his assassins went to the church were she was rehearsing for her wedding to start her whole new life for her unborn daughter. And killed everyone there, then that man put a bullet in Beatrix head still pregnant.”

“So she lost the baby then?” Nikki asked again only to shut up after remembering Susie’s stern threat.

“No she did not lose the baby, she remained in a coma and gave birth while in that coma” she remained in that coma for about 4 years, when she woke up, she believed she had lost her baby and went on a revenge quest against those that took her baby from her that’s where your mother comes into the picture. She was there and killed all those people in that church.”
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Re: "Susie Yoshida: Nikki Green’s revenge on Beatrix Kiddo "

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“But she had not lost her baby after all, so it was all for nothing, my mom died for nothing!” Nikki yelled then went silent again.

“She did killed all those people including her fiancé and left her in a coma for 4 years, I think Beatrix still had reason to seek revenge, don’t you?” Susie asked plaintively.

“Yes but she destroyed my life in the process, and she must pay for what she did to me!” Nikki replied.

“Precisely the point I’m trying to make my dear, all those years ago this woman went on a quest for revenge that led to the destruction of an innocent person and the near destruction of another one as well, namely you and your Dad.”

Nikki fought off tears as she remembered how her dad became a drunk and died as a result latter on… “And the point is?” she asked.

“The point is that revenge is a snake eating its own tail, it simply becomes an unending circle of retribution unless all loose ends are cut off!” Susie said somberly…

“What do you mean loose ends?” Nikki asked.

“By that I mean that her daughter has to die as well.” Susie replied still with a somber tone in her voice..

“Fine by me what did she do?” Nikki replied.

“Nothing Nikki, she has done nothing, but that is the price of revenge, if you are to go thru with this the blood of an innocent must be spilled to end this sordid cycle of violence that started long ago before you were even born.” Susie replied back with a sad expression in her face.

“Are you saying that I go and fight it out with Beatrix and manage to kill her I also have to go and kill her daughter in cold blood?” Nikki asked.

“No I’m saying that if you do go thru with this her daughter will have to die by my hand!” Susie replied sternly. “So do you want to go thru with this yes or no?”

Nikki hesitated for a moment the idea of having an innocent person killed did not appealed to her in the slightest it was quite different to snuff out a [email protected]#$ like Esmeralda Lopez and Tasei but to have on her conscience the blood of an innocent was quite another. Then she remembered back to that day long ago when she witness her mother being murdered and how her life was nearly irreparably destroyed that day. “Her daughter how old is she now?” Nikki asked.

“About a year older than you, 19.” Susie replied.

“I want to go thru with this, I’m sorry this other innocent woman, her daughter has to die but Beatrix Kiddo, The black mamba has to pay for what she did to me and my father. I owe him that much at least, just one thing I have to ask you Susie” Nikki said. “What?” Susie replied back.

“If the loose end was a child as I was when my mother was killed, would you remove that loose end?” Nikki asked.

“Would I ever kill a child? No, I would not, but I would not abandon him or her to faith and chance either which is what she did to you.” Susie answered.

“You think raisin or taking care of a child whose parents you killed as she did with my mom would really make a difference in how he or she would feel about you in the end?” Nikki asked.

“Probably not but at least he or she would have the best life and education possible I would make sure of that, if he or she decides to confront me latter on for what I did is their choice then” Susie replied back. “So you would make sure he or she grows safe and with a good education and then if they decide to confront you what then? You’d kill him or her?” Nikki asked she was very curious as to how Susie would resolve the situation that Beatrix made for herself long ago.

“No I would make sure that he or she gets the training he or she needs to confront me in battle and then faith would decide who lives or dies” Susie answered. “Right given the fact that you are a trained assassin with years of experience that would make it a fair fight!” Nikki blurted out.

“Maybe not a fair fight but a chance there is and if you feel that way you should cease and desist from this quest for revenge because you won’t last 10 seconds if you ever confront Beatrix” Susie said sternly. “But you trained me!” Nikki replied.

“Yes I did, so experience counts but if you focus on your training you have a very reasonable chance of defeating the Black mamba, but do not underestimate her for a second, after me she is the most dangerous woman in the world.” Susie told Nikki very sternly.

“OK so what now, that we got that out of the way?” Nikki asked. “Now get dressed we are going to the Favelas.” Susie replied. “The slums? Why? Do you want to go there to vent by kicking thugs left and right?” Nikki asked she knew from newspaper and magazine articles just how dangerous the Brazilian slums of Rio were, some of them made the slums she lived in New York look like livable high end suburbs by comparison.

“No smart ass we are going to see my old Capoeira master since you are going thru with this you need all the help and additional training you could get.”

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