A flash, a dare, a cop and a sister. by Elckerlyc,

A flash, a dare, a cop and a sister. by Elckerlyc,

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A flash, a dare, a cop and a sister.
by Elckerlyc,

From our reporter.
Yesterday evening police officer Fran Delaney was patrolling in the neighbourhood of the West Side Mall. People had noticed several girls running around making a racket and lots of noise. When the officer arrived she didn’t hear anything, so she cut of the motor and she stepped out.

She took a stroll on the parking lot when she noticed several girls having some fun on the other side. As she went nearer she saw one of the girls flashing her boobs to her friends.

(Further investigations from me confirmed that the girl in question was Eve Braes, a young woman from the neighbourhood. She had just become eighteen years of age and was celebrating with her sister and some friends. All of them had reached maturity.)

The officer was astonished, but she didn’t think much of it. The girls were laughing, but they didn’t make a racket as was mentioned by the neighbours.

(From here I have to rely on what the girls have told me)

Eve had been challenged to flash her breasts to five people and being clever she flashed her breasts to her sister and the four friends , which made five. Of course the friends weren’t satisfied with this.

“Since you are now eighteen,” her sister Judy said, “I dare you to take of all her clothes and run around the complete parking lot in your Birthday Suit. And while you are on it do ten cartwheels.”

The other friends joined in. They thought it was a fantastic idea and after a bit of hesitation Eve started to strip. Well there wasn’t much to take off, because apart of her shorts, top and sneakers she didn’t wear anything. That way it didn’t take her much time to end up in her Birthday suit. The friends and even her sister fell silent.

“Is this all you were wearing?” Judy asked.

Eve shrugged her shoulders. Normally she was a rather shy girl. She never raised her voice or wore flashy clothes. She was a plain, normal girl of eighteen. You could tell by the tan lines she never had been nude in public. That’s why she hesitated to start the run around the parking lot.

As she told us afterwards in my office at the newspaper, even at home she kept the door locked when she was naked; in the bath room or even in her bed room.

So it took a lot of time before she started to run around the parking lot. There were not a lot of people around, but the few that were there, got a fine view of a beautiful young lady.

As she told us; the longer she was running around, the more she loved it. Neither she or the other girls had noticed the officer, walking around on the parking lot and checking the surroundings.

Eve went on: doing cartwheels, even more than her friends had told her to. When she passed her friends again, she picked up her clothes and threw them in a trashcan. More and more she had this liberated feeling and she loved it. Her friends couldn’t believe their eyes, especially when she sat down on a bench and started to feel herself.

She could feel the cold air caressing and fondling her most intimate places and she loved it. Her nipples were hard and cried for a gentle touch of fingers. And since there were no other fingers around she used her own. The lips between her legs got damp and the moisture was creeping down, so she used her other hand to wipe them off. She was in heaven, she danced and jumped around. Her friends stared at her in growing disbelief.

Suddenly her friends lost her; she had vanished completely. They searched for her until one of them heard a moan behind some bushes at the edge of the terrain. She had a peek and sure enough... well you don’t need a drawing. The girl warned the others and they all waited for Eve to reappear again. When she did, she was heavily panting and when she saw her friends grinning she turned red and smiled shyly. But then she went on walking around naked and soon Eve was running and dancing around again, like a filly in a meadow.

Until she turned a corner and clashed into police officer Fran Delaney. The officer was not amused at all – at first that is. They both tumbled on the ground with the naked young girl on top of the clothed young officer. As Fran – as we shall call her from here on – tried to get up, she took the shoulders of Eve and noticed she was naked – Eve of course. She pushed her away and sat up straight, while Eve toppled on her back on the ground. Fran, being not that straight, saw Eve lying in all her nude glory and got a bit aroused.

“I have to take her in,” she thought, “but not immediately. She’s too handsome to hand her over into the hands of these barbarians at the station. Lets have some fun first!”

“I’m so sorry officer,” Eve said worried, “I didn’t mean to...”

“It’s alright young lady,” Fran said standing up and brushing of her neat uniform with her both hands. She offered her hand to the naked girl on the ground and pulled her on her feet.

By now, Fran was eating Eve with her eyes. Fran was a beautiful young woman at her 25. And she loved beautiful women, especially when they were naked. And lo and behold, here was a beautiful young woman naked, while she was on duty. What more could she wish.

“How old are you, girl?” she asked harshly.

“I’ve just become 18 today,” Eve answered timidly, while she tried to cover up.

She was eighteen; it was becoming tempting for Fran.

“Now, young lady, tell me why you are running around in this ehm... undressed... condition!”

Eve didn’t want to bring her sister and her friends in trouble, so she had to find an explanation.

“Well, as I passed the parking lot, officer, I saw nobody was around. And then I thought I had to do something strange to make my birthday a special one. And so I took of my clothes and I started running around...”

A silence fell between them. Eve was staring at the ground, while Fran was staring at the girl in her Birthday Suit. She took out her phone.

“And where are your clothes now?” Fran asked.

While she was covering her butt with her left hand and her pussy with her right hand, Eve looked around for help. But nobody was there.

“Well, officer, I threw them in a trash can,” she answered smiling helplessly.

“Can you identify the trash can?” Fran asked pompous. She had to bite her lip not to laugh.

With big eyes and almost in tears, Eve kept looking around.

“No, officer!” she said in a trembling voice.

“Alright then girl, lets go over to my car!” Fran ordered. They walked of to Fran’s car. As they stopped, Eve noticed the phone in Fran’s hand.

“Excuse me, officer, what are you doing with this phone?” she asked.

Fran looked at her very severe.

“Listen girl, the state regards streaking as a serious crime. We have to take pictures of every streaker we catch. So let start with some selfies, to prove you were naked. And also to prove it was me who caught you. Smile!”

Eve smiled sadly while Fran started to make selfies; at first they stood separate, but after a while, Fran put her arms around Eve to take the selfies. After she had taken ten or fifteen selfies, she let Eve loose again.

“And now I have to take pictures of you in front of my car, so keep on smiling!”

Eve was almost in tears as she walked to the car. At first she kept on covering her private bits, but then Fran ordered her to stick up her arms, put her hands on her side, spread her arms and her legs, ...

When Eve had posed for at least 20 minutes more, Fran ordered her against the car door.

“And now, before I take you in, I have to do a search!”

Eve’s eyes grow wide: “What? I’m naked! What could I possibly hide?”

“I’m sorry, girl. I have to do this for my own safety,” Fran told her. As Eve turned around with a sigh, Fran smirked.

“Spread your legs! Wider!” Fran ordered. Then she began to search Eve’s body. Very thoroughly she searched every part of it. And the longer she groped the hotter she got. So did the girl. Eve could feel the moisture coming up between her legs and she started imagining Fran naked. The more she imagined a naked Fran, the more she got aroused and the more she felt the heath in her southern hemisphere.

“What is happening here?”

Both of the young women got a shock. They turned around and they saw Judy and her four friends. They all seemed astonished by what they saw. Judy stepped forward.

“What is happening, officer? What has my sister done wrong?”

Eve knew by the tone of her sister’s voice that Judy had seen what Fran was doing and she didn’t like it. More, her sister was mad.

“Oh, this young lady is your sister?” Fran answered. She had recovered from the shock and looked self-confident again.

“She was streaking in the neighbourhood and we had some complaints. So I was send here. I just arrested your sister and was about to take her down to the station. She is eighteen years of age and she is fully responsible for her own deeds.”

Judy looked at Fran.

“As I see it, you were doing something more than taking her down to the station,” she said in a pensive way, “Are you supposed to search people this way? Stroking their tits and their pussies?”

Fran lost some confidence; the more because the four friends started to surround her. She kept her eyes on Judy, but she could feel the other’s enmity.

“Let me warn you before you do anything you might regret: I am an officer of the law and you will be in big trouble if you hurt me!”

Meanwhile Eve had joined Judy and was standing beside her. Eve had covered her bits again; she didn’t dare to confess to her sister that Fran had almost made her cum. Judy looked at her.

“What has she done to you?” she asked while she pointed her thumb to Fran.

“Well, she took some selfies and some pics of me at the car. And then she did a body search. She said it was for her own safety” Eve answered.

Judy turned to Fran.

“Hand over your phone!” she ordered.

“Listen, you lot,” Fran was shouting and in her voice you could hear the panic, “I’ve got pepper spray and I’m going to use it if you try to harm me.”

Her right hand went to a small pocket on her belt. But it was open and empty. Fran looked at it with big eyes. Behind her Christy showed the can to the others. Fran started to breath heavily.

“Listen, if I have to I will shoot!” she panted. Fear was in her voice and in her eyes as she tried to grab her pistol, but it also had vanished. Belinda had taken it and with a smirk on her face, she showed it to the others.. Judy grinned at her friends and at Fran.

“Listen... I didn’t mean to... I mean... I was just doing my job! I was going to ... let your sister go! Yes, I was just...” Fran almost cried.

“Listen, officer. I don’t know much about the procedures you have to follow if you’re arresting a streaker,” Judy interrupted, “but what I have seen doesn’t seem right to me. Taking pictures, selfies, stroking and groping a suspect.... No, no, no,... I think you need a lesson.” Judy looked very severe at Fran.

“Take your clothes off!”

“But... but... You can’t...” Fran stammered.

“Now! Or we will strip you ourselves!” Judy shouted.

“But I’m an offi... “ Fran tried, but the five girls took her and started to reveal what was hidden underneath the uniform. They were unbuttoning her bulletproof jacket and loosening her belt when Fran shouted.

“Alright, alright.... I’ll strip... please... “

The friends let go of her and she slowly removed her bulletproof jacket. Her pants had already dropped down on her knees. She sat down to unlace her shoestrings and take of her boots. And then she rolled of her socks. Barefoot she stood up and slid down her pants.

“Man, she has beautiful legs,” Eve was thinking.

Right on her bulletproof jacket she dropped her blue jacket followed by her short sleeved shirt. Everybody chuckled when they saw the police officer in her bra and panties, except for Eve. She admired Fran’s body.

“Not much further to go!” Judy and her friends teased.

“Please let me keep my undies!” Fran begged, looking around, “Pleeeaaasssseeee?!”

The girls looked blankly at her.

“If you need some help, we will be glad to oblige!” Christy mocked.

Since she had no choice, Fran took of her bra and very reluctantly her panties.

“Oh my god, oh my god, oh, my god... I’m naked, I’m naked, I’m naked,... “ she kept repeating.

Now it was Eve’s turn to eat Fran with her eyes and she leered her up completely. She was staring so hard, Fran looked the other way.

In the meantime Judy had taken the phone and was looking at the pictures.

“So you like taking selfies and pics with naked girls?” she asked.

“But they’re all 18 or 19!” Fran protested in a shrill voice.

“I don’t care if she’s 18! You don’t take nude pictures of my sister! It’s not your job to take selfies with naked girls. And certainly not to grope them in a so-called body search!”

She kept on looking on the pictures.

“Man, you met a lot of girls, but only one naked. I’ve got an idea; go stand in front of your car. Everybody grab your phones: we’re going to have some fun.”

Fran opened her mouth to scream but she saw the look on Judy’s face and shut it again.

“Put her clothes on,” Judy ordered her sister, “and put her undies too. You’ll be dressed properly this way!”

Fran looked at Eve and couldn’t believe it: ten minutes earlier Eve had been naked and Fran was groping her. Now, Eve was dressed in Fran’s uniform and Fran was standing stark naked in front of her. And Eve loved it. She was laughing at Fran, who stumbled off to the car trying to cover her privates. She knew what would happen. And indeed, she had to pose in every way possible: legs wide spread, hands up, hands on her head, bent over, opening her butt to the girls, ... The girls took selfies with Fran, in group or in duo, embracing or just slapping… You name it, she had to do it. The strange thing was that she got more and more aroused, especially when she saw the look in Eve’s eyes. She could feel the heat between her thighs and the wetness dripping down. The girls noticed it and pointed between her legs. But Fran couldn’t help herself.

“And now,” Judy interrupted, “get to the car door! My sister has a bit of revenge to take!”

Eve grinned as she followed Fran to the door.

“Put your hands on the roof and spread your legs... please,” she smirked and slapped Fran’s ass. Fran squealed and the girls started laughing. Then her fingers caressed Fran’s arms, teasing. Fran squirmed.

“Oooh, our little officer is ticklish... “ Eve whispered in Fran’s ear, “Lets see what we can do with that!”

Eve let her hands slide to Fran’s breast, slowly and gently. As she passed by, her nails stroked Fran’s armpits. Fran squirmed again. When the fingers reached the nipples, they pinched them, which made Fran squeal again. By then all the friends and Judy had fell silent. They never saw something as sensual as this. One set of fingers started to caress the left breast from the roots up, while other fingers kept pinching the nipples.

Fran started to moan and her body started to wave. Eve’s hands and fingers went down and passing down they found Fran’s sides. They stopped and Eve set her nails deep in the sides. Fran yelped, while she squirmed to escape. But the last thing on her mind was to escape the teasing, caressing, groping hands of Eve. When Eve hands went further down, Fran was completely lost.

The hands and the fingers reached Fran’s butt and started to stroke. By now Fran was moaning deeply. Now and then Eve would give her a little slap, which made Fran yelp, but it also made her hotter and hotter. Eve decided it was time to go to the frontal area and caress her pussy.

“I love your trimmed pussy,” she whispered hoarsely, which made Fran moan louder and louder. Suddenly Fran could feel two fingers slipping in and she almost cried out. But Eve put a hand on Fran’s mouth to muffle the cry. Eve kept her fingers in for a long time and when she took them out again, she brought them to Fran’s mouth.

“Lick my fingers clean,” Eve hissed. And Fran obeyed; she licked them clean with her lips and her tongue. Eve brought her hand down again to the front and again Fran could feel the fingers slipping in.

“Eeeeepppp!” Fran suddenly yelped, as she could feel two other fingers penetrate her little butthole. She got tears in her eyes, but she loved it. She moaned louder and louder, she groaned. Eve slipped her fingers out and brought them to Fran’s mouth.

“You know what to do: clean them with your tongue!”

And Fran licked the fingers all over again, until they were clean. When Fran had finished, Eve squatted and started to feel Fran’s legs. Her nails slightly caressed the thighs and the calves of the officer, but being ticklish Fran squirmed again. When stroking the calves, Eve lifted Fran’s foot and gently touched the sole and the toes. Fran yelped again and almost fell down. Meanwhile Annie – because of her curls – had taped it all; she was a silent and cheeky girl.

Eve stood up, looked at Fran and gave her a slap on the bottom. Fran gave a yelp more.

Everybody woke out of the trance again. Judy cleared her throat – she had been hypnotized by the show, as all the others had.

“Alright, you little hottie.” She was talking to Fran, “We’re going to put you up on the roof of your patrol car and cuff you to your lights. We’ll leave everything in the car; your gun, your pepper spray, your belt,… But not your uniform.”

Eve suddenly realized that her sister must have thought this up while she was putting on a show with Fran.

“But… but… You’re not going to leave me naked behind, are you? Pleeeaaassseee!” Fran was begging.

“Well, yes and no… I’m going to leave the keys of the cuffs behind your back. If you can find the keys and grab them you can uncuff yourself. If you don’t find the keys or you drop them to the ground, you’ll have to wait till somebody comes and rescue you.” Judy explained.

She had a devilish smile on her face when she added: “We’ll leave the car keys in the trash can with my sisters clothes. If you find the clothes, you’ll find the key and you can get your belt, gun and pepper spray back.”

Fran in the meantime was crossing her legs in a desperate way.

“I have to pee! Please let me pee!”

“Can’t do that, honey, we’ve lost a lot of time already,” Judy answered and she gave a sign to her friends. The four of them lifted the poor Fran up and put her on the roof. Then Judy took the handcuffs and tied Fran to the flashing lights.

Fran tried to protest and squirmed and wriggled, but she was afraid someone would see the fuzz and come over to have a look. So she abandoned her futile resistance. When the girls had finished, they just left her on the car.

Eve returned a bit later, jumped on the car and gave Fran a kiss.

“Be careful with the keys!” she added and ran off. When she caught up with her friends, she looked at Judy.

“And sister?” she panted.

“What?” answered Judy.

“Well, when are you getting naked like I did? It’s only fair you should strip!” Eve smiled wickedly.

“What?! You’re crazy if …” she didn’t get the time to finish her sentence. At a sign of Eve, Judy’s friends grabbed her and started to strip her. Five minutes later Judy stood stark naked, trying to cover her tits and pussy.

“It’s my birthday and you are in your Birthday Suit!” Eve teased her sister, “And if you want your clothes back, you’ll have to catch us.”

And with that all the girls ran off to the sisters’ house, taking Judy’s clothes with them. Judy tried in turn to catch up with them, but it’s not easy to run when you’re barefoot. So she arrived way behind the others at the house. The others had closed all the entrances and were pestering here from behind the windows, holding her clothes above their heads.

Suddenly, Eve appeared on a window on the first floor.

“If you want to come back inside, you have to stand in front of the house with your legs spread and your hands on your head and say: ‘I love my sister so much, that I want to show of in my birthday suit and I will remain stark naked for the rest of the night and the day. Scouts honour!’”

“You let me in, do you hear!” Judy cried. By that time people appeared and some started to take pictures.

“I don’t hear the magic words!” Eve grinned.


“All right! See you tomorrow!” and Eve closed the window.

Judy was furious, but after a few minutes, she turned to the house.

“Alright!” she yelled in anger and stood with her hands on her head and her legs spread. Immediately the window opened and Eve appeared, with all the friends on her side.

“Spread your legs more!”

Judy spread her legs wider.

“And now, turn around and show us your curvy ass!” that was Christy.

“That wasn’t part of the deal!” Judy shouted, but the smirk on the five faces told her she wouldn’t get in if she didn’t do what was ordered. So she turned around.

“Mmmm.... Great ass! And now bend over and grab your ankles!” That was Belinda.

While she bended over, Judy grumbled: “I’m going to get you for this! All of you!”

The five girls were whistling and wolf whistling as she stood bending over. They all had their phones and were taking dozen of pictures. By now half the neighbourhood was watching and taking pictures from behind the curtains.

“Turn around and say the magic words,’ Eve ordered.

Judy was red when she turned around and not only because she had been standing bend over. She started mumbling the phrase.


“I love my sister so much, that I want to show of in my birthday suit and I will remain stark naked for the rest of the night and the day. Scouts honour!” Judy shouted

There was a loud roar and then the window closed. Judy heard loud noises and the door opened. She stormed inside, scarlet over her entire body.

As the door closed behind her, she swore she would get revenge for this.

On the parking lot, Fran also was scarlet all over her body. She was still hot from Eve’s treatment, then she had to pee and she was exhausted of trying to find the key behind her, without dropping it.

She was still holding her water, but it started to hurt. She almost cried of misery. Finally she decided to let everything flow. She looked around if nobody was watching and she puddled. She sighed and she closed her eyes. What a deliverance! Oh my God! She moaned out of relief. With her eyes closed and her lips pouted, she shook the last drops of her pussy. As she sat back again she felt metal on her left butt cheek.

The key of the cuffs! Carefully not to let it drop she took the key and searched for the keyhole. She almost gave a triumphal cry when she found it. She got herself uncuffed and stepped down the car. She grimaced as she felt the wetness of her pee. But she also felt free again.

The moment she stood on the ground again, she started the quest for Eve’s clothes and the keys of the car. Stark naked she started to run around looking in every trash can. It seemed to last hours and dozens of trash cans, before she found the right one. The irony of it all was she had almost arrested a streaker, but was now streaking herself.

The moment she opened the trash can and found the clothes, she felt the cold of the night on her body. She put the clothes on; there were no undies and the shorts were too small for her. She left the zip open and put on the skimpy top. She looked down and thought she was looking like a hooker. Then she noticed the keys. She grabbed them and ran barefoot to her patrol car.

She opened the car and found the gun, the pepper spray, her belt, her boots and her cap. She put the belt around her waist and put on her boots and her cap. The same moment a car stopped right next to hers.

“Hi Fran,” a voice called. Fran immediately recognized Peter.

“What happened? We got worried on the station. And then we got this call that there was a streaker running around here. So they send me here.”

At that moment Fran came from behind the car and Peter fell quiet. His jaw dropped down and he couldn’t utter a word. After a whole while, a sound came over his lips.


“Don’t ask!”

“Where is...”

“Don’t ask!”


“Do – not – ask – anything! You heard?”

Peter had a faint smile on his face as he watched how Fran slung her mic over her shoulder, because there was nothing to fasten it to. He opened his mouth.

“Don’t ask! I’m going back to the station; my shift is finished.”

As she was driving to the station, she couldn’t help thinking about Eve. She got aroused again. But when she parked the car and stepped out to deliver the keys, she suddenly remembered that her car keys were in her pocket. Her colleagues were already looking strange when she arrived, but when she stepped out of the station and went home on foot, some of them started laughing out loud.

“Is this the new uniform?”

“Did they let you go?”

“This must be great with these temperatures!”

“Latest fashion?”

When she got home, she was hot: of anger, of humiliation, of running… and of Eve

No sanctions were ever taken, but Fran was sure that the others wouldn’t ever let her live this down.

(Note: All the names are changed)

Off the record

A few days later I met with Fran. She told me there was something more to the story. So we went to a bar and there she told me what happened the day after.

When she had finished her shift the next day, she didn’t feel good at all. Her superior had given her a verbal dressing down, as if a real one wasn’t good enough. The colleagues smirked and asked her when she was joining the nudist club. She was glad to be home.

Just ready to take a shower, she heard a knock at the door. She wrapped herself in a towel and opened the door. Outside stood the girl from the night before, with a box in her hands. She looked very nervous and suddenly Fran felt nervous too.

“Hi, sorry to bother you, but I’m bringing back your uniform.”

She hesitated and looked down at the box.

“Your phone and your keys are also in the box. Please.”

She handed over the box, but she didn’t turn away.

“Where’s your sister?” Fran asked.

“Well, she took her revenge on me,” Eve confessed shifting her look at the door. She told Fran what happened when they left her on the patrol car. Fran smiled bitter.

“She sent all the pictures you took of me in front of the car to all my friends... Had lot of reactions today!” Finally Eve looked at Fran.

“I’m sorry,” Fran said.

Eve shrugged her shoulders: “It’s not your fault.”

“Is there something else?” Fran asked and suddenly her mouth went dry.

The girl smiled very shyly: “I haven’t put your panties in because ... well I came in them... while I was thinking of you. And I want to keep them as a memory.”

Eve sighed and took courage: “Can I ask you something?”

Fran nodded. Eve hesitated.

“Could you do a body search again? It was the finest experience I ever had!”

She looked at the ground. Fran put the box down, took her hand and gently pulled her inside.

“No, I won’t give you a body search,” she said, while she dropped the towel on the ground, “I want you to give me another body search. And if it’s as good as yesterday, I’m going to eat your pussy: I like to have a taste of your privates.”

Putting her arms on Eve’s waist, Fran – completely naked now - kissed her passionately before she closed the door and led Eve to her bed.
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