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Postby meditions » Thu Dec 22, 2016 8:07 pm

Thanks for the help everyone. I was able to watch the episode. I still love the scene and can't believe it was a mainstream show.

The sentry take out/uniform scene is awesome. We get a nice look at both sentries fall victim to the tranq darts. With the second one we even get the bonus of a albeit too short close up of the sentry's face as she reaches for the dart that hit her neck and we see also see the dart sticking out. We then get a nice look at her collapse to the ground.

After that, we get a great stripping scene of the one girl while the other girl is searched and the intruders take anything of value. A lot of screen time is dedicated to the searching and stripping and the girl who loses her uniform shows a good bit of skin. Not that I’m complaining.

Great scene. Wish we saw a little more of the two victims. They both have nice bodies and seem to have cute faces to match.

While not a uniform steal, there is a really great sentry silencing starting just after the 12 minute mark. Apparently, there is one of the good guys on the inside to pave the way for the assault by the female agents. Part of the plan seems to be taking out the camera room.

The agent sneaks up the stairs and tosses a small device under door. Inside room it immediately releases a cloud of gas and the startled guard watching the camera jumps from her seat. The guard covers her mouth and then begins coughing. She then quicklyfalls back into her chair and soon we are treated to a nice close up of her relatively attractive face as her eyes close and she succumbs to gas.

In the next scene the male agent covering his nose and mouth enters the camera room where the gas is dissipating and the guard’s lifeless body is slumped in her chair. In an interesting touch he puts his finger on her neck to check for a pulse presumably worried the gas may have killed her. He then sets up a computer and starts doing something.

As he is working with the computer, a woman comes in who I think is related to the chief bad guy. The first thing she does is check on the guard by shaking her face but gets no response. The guard girl is apparently deeply unconscious. Then, throughout the next 10 minutes of the show, we get multiple scenes of the agent and the girl talking in the camera room. What’s cool is that while most shots are close ups, occasionally there is a different camera angle and we see the guard still unconscious in her chair.

Finally, the woman tries to call another baddie and the agent then drags her out of the room to hide her and tie her up. As he does so he yanks the guard’s gun from its holster. The guard is still deeply under and doesn’t even stir. We then get another nice (although too quick) close up of the guard’s pretty sleeping face.

That is still not the end of the screen time for the camera room guard. At the very end of the episode she is discovered by one of the other guards who manages to wake her. The guard rubs her head and seems groggy and disoriented and the other guard sounds the alarm and runs out.

Given my love of “silenced sentry” scenarios I just loved this scene. I love how the guard is not knocked and instead of being forgotten is shown unconscious many more times. I can’t believe that scene and the double tranq dart scene are in the same episode.

There also one more scene that is good too as it is not actually a uniform steal but is a replacement scene. At the 35 minute mark the female agent, still in the guard uniform she stole from the sleeping beauty in the woods, needs to get into the main bad guy’s room. A really cute young guard is delivering his breakfast. The good girl sneaks up behind her, covers her mouth and puts a gun to her head. She then drags her back into a room. The disappointing thing is we don’t know if she ties her up or knocks her out.

Does anyone know if these female guards appear in other episodes? They do appear at the beginning of episode 42 but it’s just a big gun battle on the beach when a bunch of them apparently get killed.
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Re: Commando elite episode 41

Postby esercito sconfitto » Fri Dec 23, 2016 7:28 pm

Meditions, at the beginning ( h.1:26) of episode 42

there is the 'discovery' scene of the 'other female guard' surprised in the compound ( as matter of fact she is the commander of the little evil all female army ( a company, I guess)

she was already stripped, her state of undress is misleading ;)

but it's a funny scene :)
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Re: Commando elite episode 41

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Re: Commando elite episode 41

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EWD1 wrote:

Thanks EWD!
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Re: Commando elite episode 41

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