"The Pirate Queen" by imaginedslight,

"The Pirate Queen" by imaginedslight,

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The Pirate Queen
by imaginedslight,

"You'll all pay for this," cried the merchant's daughter, inching ever closer toward the end of the plank. "I'll see you all clapped in irons! Just you wait!"

She gulped as she glanced below, to where the cool water of the Caribbean lay in wait. Her toes crept over the edge of the wood.

Captain Kate laughed. She did more, in fact - she guffawed, and the whole crew guffawed with her. Tall, proud, beautiful, her red hair dancing in the breeze, she seemed the epitome of a pirate queen enjoying the fruit of her conquests. The merchant's daughter had never before seen a woman in breeches and a jacket, or such a magnificent hat. It was unladylike, and she wanted to disapprove.

Right now, however, she'd have been glad of any clothes at all.

"Take me alive? Never! No ship on the seven seas can match the She-Devil for speed! You'll not catch me in a thousand years, girly!"

"Aye, and we've the best crew these islands have ever seen," chipped in Molly, the first mate. She was shorter and darker than her captain, and looked almost boyish in her tight striped sweater and tight black curls. "I've always said that the all-female crew could only have been devised by such a brilliant mind as our captain. With this much girl power on our side, there's no way we can lose!"

There was a chorus of "Yaaarh!"s from the crew in acknowledgement of this obvious truth.

The merchant's daughter, Sally, shivered in the sea-breeze. She was painfully aware of the hardness of her nipples, and she could barely stop her thighs from quivering. Every goosebump on her slight blonde form must be visible to those damnable pirates.

"But why?" she yelped. "Why do you have to do this to all the women you capture? Can't you make an exception, in the spirit of sisterhood?"

Kate frowned.

"We gave you a choice, girly. Join our crew, or be dropped off at your home safe and sound. Granted, we may have neglected to mention a few particulars-"

"I'm naked!"

"We never said anything about dropping off your clothes. That fine dress'll fetch a pretty penny on the black market, mark my words."

"I'll have to climb up onto the docks and sprint past the whole town! Everyone I know will see my privates! They'll talk about nothing for months but the day Sally Worthy had all her clothes confiscated by pirates and had to swim to shore without a stitch!"

"Well, you should have thought have that before you refused such a fine offer. Now, do you jump, or will I have to force you?"

Sally perched on her tip-toes and eyeballed the blue sea so far below.

"It looks dangerous," she croaked. "What if there's shaaaaAA-"


Captain Kate smiled as she watched the girl flounder and sputter. The Caribbean could be surprisingly chilly this time of year. It made the girls hesitant, but a sharp smack on the bottom with the flat of the cutlass usually convinced them.

Her crew crowded round the starboard railing to watch Sally strike out for the nearby harbour, her pale bottom glimmering invitingly in the sunlight just beneath the water's surface. They jeered and hollered, urging her on. Kate regarded them fondly. This was the finest all-female pirate crew in the Atlantic, recruited from every corner of the globe. Tall, elegant African tribeswomen, elfin, mischievous girls from distant China, fierce South American beauties, sultry Indian maidens and buxom Irish lasses all united by one urge - a shared impulse to take what they wanted and give no quarter in return. The Caribbean offered no shortage of victims for their favourite sport.

It wasn't always clothes, of course. Sometimes they stole shipments of gold, exotic spices or exquisite silks from faraway lands. But to see a blushing beauty unbutton her dress at swordpoint and slip out of her smallclothes in front of the leering crew, then to set her to swabbing the deck and watch her crawl around on all fours, blushing like a tomato and wiggling her bare behind in the air - that, Kate had to admit, that was one of life's truest pleasures.

She snapped out of her reverie. The girl had almost reached the distant docks - she could see the faint dots that were astonished sailors turning to look. Time to move on, then.

"Hoist the mainsail," she called. "Hard to starboard! Full knots astern, and other such nautical gibberish! We make for Pirate's Island, the secret island that only pirates know!"

There was a further chorus of "Yaaaarh!"s.
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