Hitwoman: The Hokkaido Hijack (A DiD Assignment)

Hitwoman: The Hokkaido Hijack (A DiD Assignment)

Postby Blue-Cynthia » Tue Feb 13, 2018 11:16 am

A piece I found on DeviantArt based off the 2016 Hitman game. (I wish there was more art and literature in homage to this game!).

Authors description from DeviantArt: "Inspired by a conversation between lostonezero and The-Miho-chan in the comment section of my last journal, here is a quick story based on the final chapter of the latest Hitman game, featuring a gender-switched version of the title character, now known as Agent 69 (because I have the maturity of a 13 year old!)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this less-than-lethal homage to the truly entertaining game, and be sure to check out the lovely artwork lostonezero did of our heroine's target, the super cute Yuki Yamazaki!"

Link: https://kiwikink.deviantart.com/art/Hit ... -644437524

The story itself (I have underlined and italicized the paragraphs of interest).

The gondola arrived at Gama Medical Facility, that most exclusive of resorts situated amongst the snow-covered peaks of Hokkaido, Japan. It was home to some of the most cutting edge treatments for those with with riches to afford them, with many of their procedures yet to be approved by the government or the World Health Organization. It was remote, and it was well protected by armed guards and a sophisticated AI controlled security system. It was a haven for the untouchable.

The gondola came to a stop at the arrival platform, and its passengers disembarked. There were three of them, two burly, hard-looking women dressed in black suits flanking a small but fit Japanese woman with hair cut into a stylish blenched-white bob and an intricate tattoo covering her right arm. The two suited women were bodyguards, armed and very good at their jobs, hired to provide round the clock protection for the smaller woman, a former Yakuza lawyer by the name of Yuki Yamazaki. Having exited the criminal underworld for bigger things, she now help Gama avoid legal oversight. She exuded confidence, intelligence and danger. But despite this, she and her guards failed to notice that their arrival was being very carefully watched.

The bald woman spied upon them from the balcony of her suite, ignoring the stunning mountain view that surrounded her. The beauty of nature held no interest for her; she only had eyes for her target. The bald woman was rather statuesque in build, with striking angular face, cold blue eyes and her thin lips turned down in a permanent grimace. She was currently dressed in a traditional yellow kimono and wooden sandals, the uniform of the guests at the facility, though she was more use to working in a custom-tailored black business suit. She had been signed into the facility under the alias Talia Rieper, an investment banker who regularly travelled the world, though that was not her real identity. In truth, she was an operative for secretive International Contract Agency, where she was known by a more infamous name: Agent 69.

Agent 69 watched the trio leave the platform, studying the movements of guards, trying to gauge their competency, though if everything went to plan, she would need to test their skills. She was a master of getting in, taking a target and getting out without a trace, and she was determined that this mission would be no different. She gathered up the three pieces of equipment she had smuggled in with her; a single-dose injector pen, a compact roll of two-inch adhesive tape, and a large folded up duffel bag made of strong by thin material, all secreted within the folds of her kimono. She then exited her suite and went to intercept her target.

Agent 69 quickly found Yuki and her two bodyguards in the facility's foyer, where they had been greeted by Gama's Director Akira Nakamura. The director was giving Yuki a rundown on current status of the facility, which Yuki took in with barely hidden contempt. Agent 69 watched from the corridor, pretending to look out a window at the luscious view as she eavesdropped on them. Most of it was mundane, useless information, but once the formalities were over, an opportunity emerged.

“Also, as I know how you like to keep fighting fit,” the director said, scratching at his obvious toupee, “so I've booked out our yoga instructor for you. Once you have settled it, head up to the hot pools on the eastern terrace where she will be awaiting you.”

A hint of smile appeared at the corner of Agent 69's lips. It was time to limber up.

First things first, she needed to track down the yoga instructor. She headed up the stairs to the second floor and went out to the eastern terrace, where the sauna and artificial hot springs were located. Sure enough, on a platform overlooking the valley below, was a woman doing a warm up routine. She was a little slimmer than Agent 69, with closely cropped auburn hair and dressed in tights and floral sleeveless lycra top. This was good, as the stretchiness of the clothes would make up for the slight size difference.

Agent 69 waited for her to finish her routine, then followed her as she headed into the back to get some water. The automatic door opened for the yoga instructor, and hung open long enough for Agent 69 to slip in behind her. The corridor they were in was empty, though Agent 69 could hear other staff in a nearby room. Taking the chance, she rushed up behind the yoga instructor, clamping a hand over the woman's mouth and wrapped her other arm around her neck, squeezing tightly. The woman let out a surprised muffled cry, struggling against the agent's grip, but soon the lack of oxygen caused the strength to ebb from her limbs, and she drifted of into unconsciousness.

Glancing up to make sure those in the next room had not heard them, Agent 69 stripped the woman down to her underwear and took her clothes as her own, adding a bandana to cover her distinct smooth bald head. She then produced the roll of tape and quickly used it to bind the yoga instructor hand and foot. She doubted the woman would recover before she was finished, but Agent 69 took no chances. Once the instructor's limbs were securely restrained, Agent 69 tightly wrapped several turns around the woman's mouth, ensuring her silence. She then dumped the unconscious woman, bound, gagged and stripped, into a nearby laundry hamper. With the instructor out of the way, it was time for phase two.

Agent 69 returned to the terrace and began a cursory search of the area, soon finding what she needed. The heat regulator for the hot pools was located in a nearby maintenance room, currently unoccupied, and it was a cinch to slip inside and turn up the heat in the pool. This caused those using the pool to retreat, seeking more pleasant climes and leaving the yoga area free of interlopers. Agent 69 then closed off the area by closing the sliding doors that partitioned the spa off from the rest of the terrace. With the scene set, she just needed to wait for the final player to arrive.

She did not have to wait too long.

“Ah, there you are,” came the voice of Yuki Yamazaki. She and her two bodyguards stood at the entranceway to the yoga platform. “I am ready for my lesson.”

“I believe you are,” Agent 69 replied in a sardonic tone, bowing deeply to Yuki. “Come this way, Miss Yamazaki. Your friends, of course, will need to wait outside.”

“Leave us,” Yuki ordered her bodyguards, who headed to the waiting rooms outside the spa. “I have been told you are the best Gama has to offer; you don't want to disappoint me.”

“Perish the thought,” Agent 69 said, bowing again before sliding the door shut to give them some privacy. She waited for Yuki to warm up, then began the lesson. “Now, facing out to the mountain, spread your legs apart and arms out, like a star.”

“Like so?” Yuki replied, turning her back to Agent 69 and spreading her limbs out as instructed.

“Excellent,” Agent 69 said, moving up behind her. “Now bend over, as far as you can go without over balancing, let out a deep breath, then right yourself.”

“Very well,” Yuki said, bowing down, arms still outstretched. She let out a deep breath as instructed, then straightened her self back up. “How was that?”

“Perfect,” Agent 69 said, clamping her hand over Yuki's mouth and jabbing her in the neck with the injector pen. The Japanese woman's eyes widened as the toxins flooded her body, causing her limbs to turn to jelly as Agent 69 held her. “Do not worry, this is not fatal,” Agent 69 said. “Merely a paralytic agent that will make you more agreeable.”

“W...w...why?” Yuki managed to slur as Agent 69 lowered her to the ground.

“Because Interpol wishes to have a word with you,” Agent 69 said, taking out the the tape and tearing off a long strip. “So they hired me to bring you in. Now hush, I have work to do.”

Agent 69 stretched the tape firmly across Yuki's quivering lips, smoothing it down tightly with her thumbs. She then rolled the paralyzed woman onto her stomach, crossed her wrists behind her back, then securely bound them with several turns of tape. Her knees and ankles were then strapped together, before Agent 69 finished up by wrapping tape around her torso to pin Yuki's arms at her sides. Once Yuki was securely bound, Agent 69 dragged her to an out of the way corner, propped her up into a sitting position, then stood upright.

As the bound and gagged Yuki watched, unable to move or speak due to both the drugs and the tape, Agent 69 took out her folded up duffel bag and spread it out to its full length. She unzipped it, then picked up Yuki.

“I hope you are not claustrophobic,” Agent 69 said without a hint of sympathy before stuffing Yuki into the bag in a fetal position. Yuki mewed softly passed the tape that sealed her mouth, the once powerful lawyer now totally helpless. Agent 69 checked the gag to make sure it was tight, then zipped up the bag.

“Excuse me,” Agent 69 said, opening up the sliding door and address the two bodyguards. “Miss Yamazaki has finished her session and has retreated to the sauna to relax. She asked for you to wait outside for her. But before you go, I have a bag of equipment to take to the gondola, and it is quiet heavy. Could one of you give me a hand carrying it?”

“You go,” the first bodyguard said. “I'll wait for Miss Yamazaki.”

“Alright,” the second said, then helped Agent 69 carry the duffel bag containing the bound and gagged Yuki to the gondola. Once aboard, Agent 69 bid the guard farewell, then began the ride down the cable to the station below, where undercover Interpol agents would be waiting to take Yuki off of Agent 69's hands.

Agent 69 allowed herself a small, sly smile. She loved her job.
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