Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend

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Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend

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diamonds are a girls best friend


Claire turner was in the local library reading the local papers. Claire turner better know for her new name the ice maiden since her last diamond heist in bond street.

The ice maiden she was at the library when she got a hot tip about a dimond merchant getting some dimonds from a courier who brought them in the country without any tax being paid on them.

Ice maiden she was looking at her watch and she said to her self its about time to move it will not be long before the swap goes ahead.

Ice maiden was dressed in a blue pecil skirt, with a light blue blouse on and a matching light blue woolen waist coat on. ice maiden was pleased that the girl she got these clothes off wore flat lace up shoes.

Ice maiden adjusted herself and looked at the name tag with the name wendy on the tag. Wendy smith you may wonder was laying under the desk just dressed in a light green thong and white bra on she was tied up with washing line what ice maiden had brought with her.

Wendy had her hand tied behind her back and the rope was wrapped around her arms and around her chest which was tightly tied. her thighs and knees where tied and so where her ankles, and wendy was really gagged with some parcel tape which was lying about.

Ice maiden looked down and saw the young eyes of wendy looking up at her ice maiden had guessed that wendy was in her mid 20s with her black curly short hair, and those brown eyes. Ice maiden she closed the doors under the desk and the quite cries of wendy could not be heard in the library when the doors where closed.

ice maiden sat up and saw the diamond merchant had come in with a brief case. There was no sighn of the courier as yet but the diamond merchant come up to ice maiden and asked for the crime section and ice maiden directed the merchant to discreet area of the library which was out of the way.

The diamond merchant he smiled and said "thank you young lady".

Ice maiden knew the courier would be in very soon and ice maiden got up from the desk and saw the woman courier coming into the library. Ice maiden saw her chance when the woman who come in had a exact copy of the brief case which was carried by the diamond merchant. Ice maiden was stopped by the courier she also asked where the crime section was and ice maiden said "it may be difficult to find but come with me and i take you there."

The courier she smiled and she did start to follow ice maiden. the courier was dressed in a grey pin stripped trouser suit and a crisp white blouse on aswell.

ice maiden took the 32 year old courier down one of the book lane which led to the toilets before ice maiden struck.

Ice maiden pointed the courier towards the crime section and ice maiden struck with a karate chop to the back of the couriers neck she went down very quickly.

But before the courier could fall down ice maiden had caught the knocked out courier and dragged her into the toilets.

ice maiden took of the clothes of the librarian and now put on the clothes of the courier. she tied the courier up who was in dressed in a white lace knickers and matching bra. Ice maiden tied up the courier and gagged her very quickly and quitely. ice maiden tied her hair back and put these glases on what the courier was wearing and ice maiden looked the part.

Ice maiden come out of the toilet and and ice maiden closed the door on the cubicale and put an out of order sighn up. Ice maiden put the brief case in the cleaning cupboard and pulled out another brief case. which was the same as the one she put in the cupboard.

ice maiden went and saw the diamond merchant and he did not even guess that he had already seen ice maiden before when they swapped brief cases. the mad left the library and ice maiden stood up went to the toilet and retrived the second brief case and ice maiden walked out of the library with the diamonds and 5 million pounds in cash aswell.

ice maiden smiled and thought another good days work.

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