Star Wars: The Bad Batch

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Star Wars: The Bad Batch

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Might be worth keeping an eye on. They introduced some female Stormtroopers in the most recent episode. Main characters are men but are being joined by a female bounty hunter later in the series. Be great to see a classic Star Wars knock out and replacement scene.

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Re: Star Wars: The Bad Batch

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I have only watched the episode, or episode/'s that initially were released the day it aired on disney+. I kept checking on undertow to see if anyone spotted some female stormtroopers, and would post it. I always assume other people are more vigilant than I am with finding zako material, and or uniform stealing material. However thanks for letting me know, I am going to check out the latest episodes.

The Mandalorian is the best Star Wars media ever created since the Clone Wars series imo, but unfortunately I didn't spot any female stormtroopers. I was hoping one of the scout troopers would have been female in one of the later episodes. Thankfully Rise of the Skywalker had a lot of female stormtroopers, it was almost every other stormtrooper was female in that entire movie.

Battlefront II of course has female stormtroopers, but Jedi Fallen Order had none, and that was disappointing.
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