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In need of a Chinese speaker

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Hi all,

The following clip is not directly related to the board although it does involve the stripping of a young policewoman.

Despite my best efforts, I cannot uncover any details about the scene. All I know it is a movie, not drama; judging by the post-colonial uniform it was 1997-2003, it was likely a comedy or romance flick.

The policewoman is really hot, however. I think it may also be a scene because police officers on HK never go to or from work in their uniforms and she's drunk in the middle of nowhere. An escapee? Worth knowing more anyway.

So, can a Chinese speaker ask for the title on there or maybe offer an insight into the name of the movie? It would be much appreciated.

Here it is, see my point.

Ps Don't try that today!

-7 yk:/男子救回醉酒女警,闭着眼睛帮美女换衣服,“男言之隐”救了她 ... 86bb430f31 长按复制此口令$KbNPXXYJ1TI$,打开【优酷APP】就可以看了~!
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