Still about Deviantart’s new policy, and something personal

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Still about Deviantart’s new policy, and something personal

Postby esercito sconfitto » Sat Dec 08, 2018 6:26 pm


Some days ago a friend of mine, former member of the expired USB board( -but not a member of this current board; at least not publicly , with his well known alias) had to endure the insult of seeing a novel of his forcibly removed from his Deviantart page.

Another tale with an USB content has beeen targeted and deleted.Targeting novels is a further step beyond for the DA bosses

I value tremendously and respect the author of the deleted novel, and back in past years I have had a daily exchange of E-mails and notes with him; a daily exchange for months . He is a friend of mine, and I consider him like one of the best writers of our ‘genre’; he is loyal, fair and firm; a former ‘ Special Forces’ . His brilliant writings are noticeable for the incredible amount of researches
The saga the deleted novel belongs to has been published at the old (expired) USB board, at least in its first two parts, back in 2014; but it was never presented at this current board. The erased novel was a feast of boots stealing scenes, and now it is unavailable , since DA was its only hosting place ; therefore the damage is almost irreparable

I can understand the bitterness experienced by my friend, the author of the short novel. Writing is a energy-consuming process; sometimes leaving helpless an author, who spent a big amount of emotions and inner resources... and to be targeted by the Political Correctness Brigade can cause rage and fury. Unfortunately, the author wrongly intrerpreted the occurred circumstances , eventualy taking for granted something unthinkable...
He assumed that I was the informer of the DA political correctness brigade; the one who reported ‘something wrong’ at the DA authorities. This was described in his DA status –or journal. Currently I have been blocked and prevented from visiting his Da page. Old E-Mail addresses are unresponding

( heck, by all means, I am a reactionary, a fascist. I fight Antifa’s , PC Brigades , Commies, etc. I don’t join their filthy , despicable armies... but all this is irrelevant. The only part that counts is the pain of a friend I can’t hug- because he prevented me to do it, and preventing any other form of communications but this public letter.)

At the end of my life, I will bow before my Lord and King the Almighty , asking mercy for my sins and pleading guilty for so many, many bad things, not last to be a world wide authority about a funny sexual perversion...but there will be any betrayal of a friend of mine on the ultimate list

I don’t betray friends
esercito sconfitto
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Re: Still about Deviantart’s new policy, and something perso

Postby FeMilImpos » Sun Dec 09, 2018 2:05 am

The PC police strike again, such a shame. I truly hope you repair your friendship with him.
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Re: Still about Deviantart’s new policy, and something perso

Postby Mr. Peaky Blinder » Sun Dec 09, 2018 8:29 am

Sorry this has happened. He's a very talented author, although he has also blocked me for many months as well as several other members of this forum. So, I can't comment on anything recent.

Onwards and upwards on that front. I really have no respect for anyone who reads somebody's work for free, then decides they don't like the content and reports it. He has my support in this regard, but I'm sure ES must be innocent.

Political correctness is becoming a disease. I don't mind sensible policing of the internet, but what are they going to ban next, the BBC?

As you know, I don't like it on there. Too many run-ins with weird people (I'm just being blunt) and haven't missed it. My heartfelt advice to him (Muskra, I presume) is to take his work directly to a publisher and get it out on Google Books or Kindle. I know a few of my friends who have done that. Even I have written scripts that have been picked up in the industry.

Sad as well that this sort of thing always seems to happen close to Christmas. To all distressed members of this board and beyond, don't let the buggers get you down.
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Re: Still about Deviantart’s new policy, and something perso

Postby pc305435632 » Thu Dec 13, 2018 5:16 am

Some news you should be happy.
"SOUND MAN" come back to deviantart .
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Re: Still about Deviantart’s new policy, and something perso

Postby slainplus » Fri Dec 14, 2018 12:44 am

Yeah, Soundman is back :D

He made some really great videos a while ago. I'm glad he's back in the saddle again!!!
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