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Missed Scene Rant!

Postby Mr. Peaky Blinder » Tue Sep 18, 2018 4:58 pm

The makers of 'Voice 2' an otherwise outstanding Korean crime series ... You are hereby charged with crimes against the USB community.

It is alleged, no proven, that during Series 2 Ep5 you missed a golden opportunity for a scene and instead totally messed it up leaving a Korean policewoman with a badly gashed head.

The transcript reads:

Bad, scheming conartist woman is arrested by four Korean patrol officers.

The camera offers several shots both wide and close angles of the most attractive policewoman ever. It's obvious it's building up to something.

She's taken to the station and is of course left alone with the policewoman. The cute lady in blue is younger and a complete rookie, again, of course.

Another 'of course' the crook starts play acting, saying she is going to vomit. The helpful policewoman panics and 'of course' takes her to the toilet where 'of course' she waits outside with her back to the door.

Now, we the jury are getting very excited. Surely a scene?

No, sweet innocent policewoman walks in and gets her pretty little head cracked open by the evil prisoner who hits her with with a broom stick.

Later, the knocked out policewoman is discovered as is rope from the third floor window, suggesting the scheming prisoner climbed and jumped.

All she had to do was strip the policewoman and walk past the male copper on reception duty with her head held down. Why jump out of a 3rd floor window. Was she really that keen to avoid a USB scene?

Motion passed!

Guilty as charged.
Mr. Peaky Blinder
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Re: Missed Scene Rant!

Postby slainplus » Wed Sep 19, 2018 2:30 am

I feel you Mr. Peaky. I remember a similar scene in the tv show One West Waikiki with Cheryl Ladd. A villainess at a courthouse is escorted to the restroom by a policewoman. While the baddy is inside the toilet stall the policewoman stands leaning against the stall door and lights up a cigarette. The female baddy reaches over the door and grabs the policewoman around the neck with her manacled wrists and starts to choke her. Then the scene just ends right there without showing how the baddy escaped the courthouse. Presumably, she merely walked out of the place as she was wearing a business for her upcoming court appearance.

If that show would have included a scene similar to what happened in the show Cover Up were the villainess Melissa is shown exiting the prison in the uniform of the guard she shanked earlier it would have been a classic scene. Alas :(
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Re: Missed Scene Rant!

Postby meditions142 » Tue Oct 02, 2018 6:01 pm

One of my greatest missed scenes ever came from Buck Rogers TV Show "Planet of the Amazon Women". It has been mentioned here before.

Colonel Deering has infiltrated the base of the mostly female society. She calls to report in and sarcastically says she had to borrow a uniform.

The implication is clearly that she has knocked out or otherwise incapacitated one of the female guards. However, we don't get to see what happened or even a reference to it.

While later in the episode we do get a quick and not very good scene where Buck and his cohort escape the spaceport. Theyknock out six guards in the process but you barely see anything. The woman takes two out guards with what looks like a nerve pinch and Buck gets four more by shooting close to them with a laser pistol. The blast apparently is powerful enough to knock the girls out.

The episode is so disappointing. We could have had a great uniform steal. Also, the knockouts during the escape could have been so much better.
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