Hi from a shy and curious lurker.

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Hi from a shy and curious lurker.

Postby darksided22 » Thu Jun 21, 2018 7:12 am

Hi everyone. Full time lurker here.
Thank you for building this community.

What does everyone find attractive of this genre?
What is so sexy about uniform/clothes stealing?
I guess everyone has his/her story on this. Just wondering what is your story.

Next thing is...what is the limit here?

I have my own set of sick(but not leading to death) fantasies I like to apply on my poor victim, the female Cobra technician
from my second story. Is it ok to write about steamy, sensual(erotic), and abusive suffering
that the uniform-stolen Cobra girl would go through?
I share no intention of bringing trouble to this board, so I just wanted to make sure and if not ok, I won’t.

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Re: Hi from a shy and curious lurker.

Postby esercito sconfitto » Thu Jun 21, 2018 8:00 pm

Darkside, don't worry, now THAT part of the board has been made private access... just don't leave the topic

but it's weird , lately I was about to report a DA artist ( a mediocre artist) who was supporting the Islamic State with some pics. I guess I can't accept THIS in the board

about lurking, I was a lurker for a whole year before joining the 'old' USB board as a member

about the question of what I find attractive... recently the thing that interests me the most is any scene with women taking away the shoes /boots ( ah , the BOOTS! ) of another girl ( or a group of girls) :D

still I can't forget that scene of Arrow with Black Siren...
esercito sconfitto
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Re: Hi from a shy and curious lurker.

Postby redrunner » Fri Jun 22, 2018 8:28 pm

I’d just like to add a little rider to ES’s comments.

Whilst it is true this is now largely a closed forum and no one wishes to censor the works posted here, there are certain things which are totally unacceptable /illegal to include in storylines and which could ultimately lead to the forced closure of the board.

For example. no story should include characters considered to be minors (usually accepted to be under the age of 18 years old) or material considered to be of an offensive / illegal nature such as necrophilia.

The majority of members always have, and continue to act in responsible manner and as long as we continue with that process /philosophy then all contributions posted at the Board will be acceptable.

I should add that these comments aren't directed at any specific person, but I think that with so many new members joining recently it is worth pointing out what is and what is not acceptable material to post at the board.
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Re: Hi from a shy and curious lurker.

Postby Mr. Peaky Blinder » Sat Jun 23, 2018 11:32 pm

Agreed with Redrunner on this. Probably the best way of knowing boundaries is to remember what the group is about ... women stealing other women's clothing/uniforms and the 'do it yourself' art and stories that pays tribute to that.

In the past, it's been when people have forgotten this that the community has gone off the rails or has led to some very nasty links being posted. Pretty much every group we've had has ended up the same way. So, my advice would be to remember the code of the group and just focus on that.
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Re: Hi from a shy and curious lurker.

Postby redrunner » Sun Jun 24, 2018 5:55 am

Thanks Mr Peaky Blinder.

I think your comments sum up the position clearly and concisely. It's all too easy to drift away from the main focus of the Board if we're not careful. And as you have stated that has led to problems /closures of other Boards in the past which is something we must avoid at all costs this time.

Best Regards

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Re: Hi from a shy and curious lurker.

Postby bobbyredblue2 » Mon Jul 02, 2018 3:42 am

personally I like when a captive is ambushed and overpowered. Ive always enjoyed one where the captive is "beaten up" and usually knocked out either while they're being stripped or before. Like they try helplessly to fight back but always end up subdued. Then seeing them naked and tied up with a bunch of bruises and messed up hair.
Though honestly anything really. Im not hard to please!
I have always been partial to zentais and mascots/fursuits cuz you cant really tell who's really under the mask. Zentai because of the full covering and how easy it is to slip on and off. Mascots/fursuits cuz you can hide your real identity super easy. Plus those suits aren't really meant for fighting so overpowering someone would be really easy.

But yeah, always try to keep what the board is about true so we can enjoy it for many years to come!
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