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esercito sconfitto
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looking for suggestions

Post by esercito sconfitto »

does this USB board need more subforums in the " Clips " section?

I have just realised that I never created a "Schoolgirls" subforum... moreover, some subforums have become overgrown , others languish as abandoned ships :(

I am open to suggestions 8-)
Mr. Peaky Blinder
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Re: looking for suggestions

Post by Mr. Peaky Blinder »

PLEASE don't. It will attract the wrong kind of people again. Let's not forget why the old board was finally banned in the first place.

I would politely suggest adding it to the plain clothes section and then changing the name to 'education/retail and none-uniform' or something like that. Having a separate sub-forum would not be a good idea. We must learn from our mistakes.



Ps the movie is mainstream, so there is no issue with it, but nobody has the time to carry due diligence checks on every post or link contained here ... until it is too late.
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Re: looking for suggestions

Post by Disguisedagent »

Yeah. It's also an extremely uncommon scenario in the genre anyway, so I don't see it'd need a devoted set. Especially when it'd attract THOSE types again.
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darth chlorophorm 2
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Re: looking for suggestions

Post by darth chlorophorm 2 »

I think we're just fine the way we are/
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