A grand day out

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A grand day out

Postby redrunner » Wed Mar 16, 2016 10:11 am

I thought you might like to hear about a recent trip that I’ve made.

I’ve been involved with a stock take of the costumes that are currently available for use in DiP steal scenes. As part of the exercise, I have visited Annabelle and John’s ‘lock up’ where the costumes are held in store. It was great to meet them both and I was made very welcome. I must hasten to add before anyone rushes forward asking for a visit, it was undertaken during a non-shoot day and was to the storeroom and not the studio and therefore no models were present at the time.

The visit proved very useful to see what‘s in stock. There are racks of mainly ‘day clothes’ for use at the various sites, but one in particular is of interest to DiP steal fans. It is a large rack full of the many uniforms that have been given an outing or two at DiP, but there are a couple which are being assembled by Annabelle. Yes, Annabelle is the real costumier for the sites,(could you really imagine John with a thimble, needle & thread?). :) As ‘The Costume Guy’ I merely provide bits which she has to turn into useable costumes that fit the models ! The uniforms being put together by Annabelle are really good and look very interesting and I’m sure they’ll air at some stage and be a big hit with the fans – so keep a good look out ! :shock:

In addition to the ‘core’ stock there are a number of other uniforms which have been supplied by or are the property of DiP members. The police uniform from “Cops and Robbers” is one of these. These are stored separately from the core stock.

Of course, there was an ulterior motive behind my visit ! I wanted to take a close look at a couple of uniforms in stock with a view to ‘upgrading’ them for future DiP sets. This work could be listed as an ‘on-going project’. Hopefully later this year there will be more news on that, so once again – Keep a good lookout.

Finally, if anyone wants to see one of the many existing uniforms used in a steal scene, then either post your idea here or at the All Fetish Forums blog.


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